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Just for Fun: Our 9 Most Dreaded Home Maintenance Tasks

No matter how long you’ve been a homeowner, some tasks never get any easier. Whether dirty, tedious or tricky, you just can’t get past the “uggggh” factor and end up putting them off as long as possible. Recently, we quizzed our NPI corporate staff on their most dreaded home maintenance chores. Keep reading if you’re ready to commiserate.


“I can’t stand the yard work!” – Anthony R., Franchise Sales

“Funny, I used to own a lawn care company, but it’s completely different when you’re getting paid for it. My girlfriend, Lisa, enjoys the workout, so I do my part by picking up after our dog. Total win in my column!”


“I hate when my old shower floor plan collects nasty mold on all the caulked edges.” – Kimberly S., Certified Marketing Coach

“At one point, I was afraid to scrub the caulk with cleaner for fear it would start to pull back. My friend passed on this tidbit: spray caulk with a mixture of one part bleach and two parts water, then let it set for 30 minutes and rinse. It works incredibly well! Gotta love a no-scrubbing-needed cleaning tip!”


“Mowing, pulling weeds, spraying weed killer, dead-heading roses, trimming hedges, sweeping the garage . . ." – Roland B., Founder & CEO

“My list doesn’t end.”


“My worst task is staining the deck.” – Shauna N., National Accounts Coordinator

“It’s horrible! You have to keep your fingers crossed that wind and rain will stay away for 48 hours. With my luck, I always get a nice gust of wind that blows debris all over the wet stain. One thing I’ve learned through experience—if your job’s big enough to need a few gallons of stain, mix them together before you start to maintain consistent color.”


“Raking all the leaves!” – Bill E., Executive Vice President

“My neighbor’s Princess Trees blow huge leaves onto our lot. He has two 60-foot trees and the leaves are heart-shaped and about eight inches wide. If you want to jump in huge piles of huge leaves, my yard is the place to do it!”


“Keeping water out of the basement.” – Julie E., Director of Franchise Recruitment

“Our home was built in 1890, so water intrusion is a problem we encounter often. I get nervous every time it rains! As soon as I notice a musty smell or water spots on the ceiling that I can’t explain, I know it’s time to call in an inspector before the problem gets worse.”


“Cleaning Gutters" – EVERYONE!

“Enough said.”



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