January 17, 2020     
 Home Maintenance, Holiday, Just for Fun      winter, painting, roof
If you still have a gift card from the holidays burning a hole in your wallet, we’re here to give you some ideas to spend it on. Here are some of the best home improvement tools you wouldn’t think to buy for yourself, but won’t know how you lived without. Read more...

 January 7, 2020     
 Home Inspection      appliances, electrical, HVAC, insulation, plumbing
The process of buying or selling your home is a complex process. One of the most important steps that’s often overlooked is your home inspection. You may be familiar with the concept, but what does a home inspector actually do? Read more...

 December 23, 2019     
 Holiday, Just for Fun      Winter, entertaining
If you’re not hosting a holiday gathering this year, you’re in the lucky position of being somewhat flexible. Here are 10 inexpensive options that will show your hostess you see all her hard work and you’re thankful for her. Not to mention, earn you a repeat invite. Read more...

 November 13, 2019     
 Holiday, Home Decor, Just for Fun      Fall, Winter
With the holidays fast approaching, you’re busy juggling what feels like 100 tasks. Your guests are still days from arriving, but you’re already overwhelmed. Here’s how to keep them happy and avoid host regret, even while at your busiest. Read more...

 October 30, 2019     
 Holiday, Just for Fun      Haunted Places Series, entertaining, fall, real estate
With a history marred by tragedy from its earliest construction, the Deane House has earned its reputation as a hub of ghostly activity for over a century. Read more...

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