July 10, 2019     
 Home Maintenance      summer, electrical, home exterior, hvac, new homeowner
If there’s one thing you don’t want going out on you when you’re in the throes of summer, it’s your AC. Whether you use your home’s air conditioning system regularly or not, these maintenance tips will help you keep your system in great working order when the heat wave comes. Read more...

 July 3, 2019     
 Home Maintenance      ceiling, home exterior, insulation, mold, roof
When storms come through your area, sometimes the damage left behind is very apparent. A lot of the time it’s not, though, and you need a weather eye (sorry, couldn’t help it) to spot potentially serious damage. Here’s a rundown of places around your house to check for hail damage. Read more...

 June 27, 2019     
 DIY, Home Maintenance      first time homeowner
A tool kit is a necessity for any homeowner. Here's a list of fundamental tools that should be included with any beginner tool kit. Read more...

 June 24, 2019     
 Home Inspection, Home Maintenance, Safety      first time homeowner, moving, new homeowner, real estate, basement, electrical, foundation, plumbing, roof
We’ll show you when you should request repairs to a home you’re looking at buying, and when asking for a repair could needlessly sink the deal. Read more...

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