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Melisa Rana


Interior Design Trends of 2024: Putting the "I" Back in Interior Design

 February 12, 2024 |  Home Decor |  spring, painting, real estate

Whether you’re moving into your brand-new home or you’d like to reinvent a space sorely in need of an update, keeping up with the latest interior design trends is crucial for anyone wanting to avoid a dated feel. Just as people change every year, tastes are bound to transform with new experiences and innovations. If you want your home to catch up with you in 2024, consider incorporating some of these styles into your layouts.

The Continuation of Naturalism vs. the Rise of Metal
Heading into 2023, we noted how one interior design trend was quickly rising in prominence, and naturalism certainly is having its time in the sunlight through 2024 as well! With this overarching style, warm, earthy tones incorporated into paint and furniture are meant to evoke the natural world surrounding the home for a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. This idea is great because of its inherent variety based on where the homeowner lives, whether they own a home tucked away in the mountains, in a dry, arid region, or they’re surrounded by sun and the beach.

For many homeowners, constantly reinventing their homes to follow the latest shifts in style is not necessarily a habit they want to fall into. So, the wood tones and natural rock patterns that come with a natural style can be a real boon due to their staying power and the durability that comes with investing in high quality materials. Bringing the outdoors back inside can be done in so many creative ways, and we’re expecting this trend to have a strong continuation in 2024.

With that said, there may be signs of an early competitor to the naturalism design trend. While natural designs tend to have an inherent warmth in their color palettes, this color range can be too muted and neutral for some. To counter this, some are turning to bold colors and metals for the first time in quite a while. In interior design, silvers, steels, and other metals tend to emphasize whatever styles are already on display due to their reflective surfaces.

Subdued, natural, and cozy, or splashy bold colors may fight it out throughout 2024 - but this is only the first front of an ongoing interior design battle!

Minimalism vs. Maximalism
The other two competing trends that are heating up this year are minimalism and maximalism. Often paired with the natural design choices from the past year, minimalism is largely defined as limited clutter and a smaller number of decorations (though the fixtures that are featured should be more impactful). The result of this interior design philosophy is a room that feels simple but sufficient for the homeowner’s needs; also, less chaotic and maybe more relaxing.

A direct counterpoint, maximalism embraces individuality and clutter in search of an authentic lived-in feel. The recent “cottagecore” style is one example that takes advantage of these ideas for a great, nostalgic, timeless picture that can still fuse with modern embellishments. Floral patterns and deep, rich colors make for a traditional feel that also leaves plenty of room for originality for homeowners that incorporate this style into their interiors. For those looking to learn more about Cottagecore, check out this excellent article from experts over at the Spruce!

Mixing and Matching for a Personal Feel
Overall, individuality and color seem to be two of the key pillars of interior design for 2024. Perhaps strengthened by the rise of remote working and in-home offices, homeowners are finding more creative ways to wear their interests and influences on their sleeves. Decorating homes without any one definitive style in mind has risen dramatically in popularity through the tail end of 2023 and into the new year.

Eclectic “mix-and-match” styles can be best achieved through thrifting, antiquing, and picking a bold conversation starter as a centerpiece in every room. Part of this also means being comfortable finding multiple uses for rooms and hybridizing wherever possible. For some, this movement builds off of the previously mentioned maximalism trend, and for others, this style can feel a bit chaotic and unfocused to even be called a trend on its own.

Regardless, 2024 seems to be a year where homeowners are looking to bring more of their own unique style into their homes, ultimately avoiding a cookie cutter, generic design.

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