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The Latest Interior Design Trends For 2023

 December 26, 2022 |  Home Decor, Just for Fun |  entertaining, painting, living room

The world of interior design is a constant ebb and flow. Some styles can break through the revolving wheel of trends, but most have to wait their turn for their time in the sun. Which styles are predicted to make a resurgence in 2023, and which ones seem to be on their way out? Brush off your toolbelt DIYers, 2023 just might be your year.

Life In Sepia-Tone
For years, home decor has been widely monotone and modern. This hyper-intellectual, minimalist design is on track to take a backseat this year - and it’s about time. Finally, color is starting to creep its way back into interior design.

Potentially influenced by work-from-home lifestyle changes, homeowners seemingly are being drawn towards warmer colors, and reintegrating comforting, personality-driven tones back into the home.

Design experts are expecting warm reds and oranges to dominate the space, and for gold to be a primary embellishment tone. Of note, beige and other brown shades may be the go-to neutral to replace the ever-present grays of past years. With these warm tones, homeowners are looking to make their homes cozier, departing from the more sterile, style popular prior to 2020.

While color is moving back into the home, expect hues to remain muted for the most part, with stronger saturations reserved for “statement” pieces. In particular, high-contrast “Statement Rugs” are said to make a major splash in the interior design sphere in 2023. Contrasting blues are said to be tones of choice, and sage green is a persistent favorite for naturalists.

One trend that has seeped into practically every facet of life in recent years is nostalgia. For interior design, the key here is not to rely on a direct replica of yesteryear, but to incorporate positive memories and notions of long-discarded trends into a modern setting.

Twenty twenty-two saw a surprising return of what has been dubbed the “Coastal Grandma” style or “Cottagecore.” Floral patterns and pastoral overtures dominate this space, once again highlighting the overall trend of comfortability and coziness within the home. Also related to this trend has been the return of gold into bathrooms or as a luxurious accent elsewhere in the home.

Buying into Cottagecore does not mean making over a home to look just like your grandmother’s, however. It is about incorporating positive, folksy vibes into a modern context. Further investment into this nostalgic wave might also include some extra stops at thrift shops and antique stores to incorporate into the home, with opportunities to add character and personalization.

Bring The Outside In
There has also been one competing trend to what we’re calling “Nostalgia-chic” gaining steam through the past year or so. Natural wood, stone slabs, and perfectly imperfect aspects of nature have been moving indoors as a pastoral movement has seen a steady growth in interest. One might consider this trend to fall in line with the overall “warming” that has been seen in home decor, with comforting woodgrains popping up everywhere. However, this trend seems to be a unique movement in its own right.

Many designers love the opportunity for uniqueness that this trend offers. Look for natural features influenced by local flora and other one-of-a-kind traits associated with the region. In some areas, indoor gardens have also seen a rise in prominence, including some more radical notions like “living walls.” While these features might be a bridge too far for some, the welcoming, tactile textures nature provides are particularly intriguing.

Prepare For An Art Deco Encore
For a final trend to expect heading into 2023, look for a return of Art Deco - a trend that some have been calling the “Art Deco Encore.” Just as in the past, this trend draws on the same bright colors, symmetry, and geometric patterns that made it famous. This trend is driven in part by the general desire for nostalgia, but it is also inspired as a counter to the previous minimalist movement. Art Deco designs can, at times, seem too busy for some, but the room for personality, again, is nearly endless.

In particular, designers are expecting curvier designs to come to the forefront this time around. From rounded furniture to the return of alcoves and arches, rigid modern corners are being discarded quickly for a softer, more welcoming style.

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