NPI Dallas-Irving Residential Add-On Services

Providing Inspections for Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, University Park, Highland Park, Farmers Branch, and Surrounding Areas

In addition to general residential property inspections, NPI offers a suite of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Below, you will find a list of each additional service offered by your local NPI Dallas-Irving team.

For homes with a pool or spa, NPI can perform an inspection to determine the functionality of components like the pump, filter, heater and electrical wiring. Pool and spa inspections also give you a clear idea of the safety of the system as a whole, which is essential for families with small children.

An NPI irrigation system inspection covers every visible component of your lawn sprinkler system, including the controller, sprinkler heads, rain sensors or gauges and backflow preventers. Your inspector will test the system to determine proper functionality and lawn coverage.

Sewer system problems can cause major issues for a home, and NPI can help diagnose them with proven techniques and the latest technology. Your inspector can document issues like pipe obstructions, tree root intrusion and sewer line bellying that can be costly and even hazardous if left uncorrected.

Using an infrared camera specially designed to identify changes in temperature, your NPI inspector will scan and analyze your home for hidden issues. Thermal anomalies can indicate potential hazards such as wiring issues, plumbing leaks, moisture intrusion and non performing insulation. An infrared inspection sheds light on the small issues you can’t see before they become big problems.

Termites and other wood-destroying insects (WDIs) can cause catastrophic damage to your home’s structure if left untreated. Your NPI inspector can identify the presence of termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles and more before they cause irreversible damage.

Manufactured homes have their own unique considerations that need to be addressed during an inspection. Our inspectors can certify that manufactured home foundations are compliant to HUD/FHA, VA, and Conventional Lending requirements and standards. Click here for more information on MFD foundation certifications from NPI Dallas-Irving.

A Foundation Elevation Map is measurements taken of the foundation and using the floor plan as a guide. These measurements will show if, where, and/or what degree the foundation is out of level. As a stand-alone tool, it can be used as a baseline measurement for your foundation so if in the future you suspect movement, you will be able to compare readings and better determine further action if warranted.

Anyone buying a previously constructed home or having a new one built. It is a good idea to obtain a baseline measurement, especially being in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex where soil movement is very common. Having a record of a starting point is valuable so that 5, 10 years or more down the line if cracks in your exterior walls, interior walls, etc. start appearing, you will have measurements that can be used as a comparison. The foundation elevation map can be utilized in assisting with your decision on whether to call a structural engineer or just monitor your foundation.

Click here to see a foundation elevation sample report.

After your home inspection, a Repair/Replace Amendment Re-Inspection from NPI can ensure that the repairs you’ve negotiated as part of your home sale contract have actually been completed. A re-inspection can save you time and money, giving you peace of mind that your new home will be exactly what you expect when you move in.