What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Commercial Property Condition Assessment

What you can expect from your commercial property condition assessment depends largely on the type of facility you’re having inspected. Still, there are a few aspects of the property that your inspector will always check, barring certain situations.

Areas covered during Property Assessments fall under these categories:

Exterior. Your inspector will examine the exterior walls of the building, the flashing and trim. The surface drainage, retaining walls and general topography. They may also specifically note the location and number of handicap parking spots, any ramps or stairs leading up to the building. Flatwork and exterior lighting are also assessed.

Life Safety. Your inspector will inspect for the presence of fire alarm systems, alarm panel accessibility and any portable extinguishers. They will also note any presence of emergency lighting systems and inspect for exit signs at all exits along with their independent power sources.

Major Systems. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems will be inspected for safety and efficiency on each floor.

Multiple Units. If your building has more than four units, a sampling of up to ten percent of those units will be inspected unless a special request is made. Our clients find that choosing a selection provides excellent insight into the condition of all units.

Additional Considerations:

Accessibility. Having an Accessibility survey on an existing structure in Texas is highly recommended since the Texas Architectural Barriers Act requires all building projects to comply with their standards regardless of cost or usage.

Our inspectors can also provide reports on specific features of a group of units, such as the function of a particular appliance or system. Just let us know how we can tailor our services to best meet your inspection needs.