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Molds can be found almost anywhere, as long as moisture and a food source is present. While not all molds are toxic, recent research shows an alarming rate of harmful fungal species in poorly maintained homes or buildings with water damage, moisture or high humidity levels. Contact your NPI Wisconsin inspector and order a mold inspection or mold assessment today!

Did You Know that You Have Mold in Your House?
You read that right. Mold is everywhere! Indoor and outdoor environments, all year round, invisible to the naked eye. Generally, mold enters homes through windows, doors, cracks, and vents. The problem with mold arises when mold reproduces and release spores, which float around in the air of the building and pose inhalation risks to those inside. Molds have the potential to cause many harmful health hazards to humans, such as allergic reactions, sinusitis, pneumonitis, asthma, respiratory issues, and more.

Like all living things, mold spores need certain conditions to reproduce and grow. Mold needs water, food, and the right temperature range. Mold grows better in a dark environment, and with an organic, porous material to grow on. Such material often provides a source of both food and water. Unfortunately, buildings provide an almost ideal environment to support the growth of mold. The typical temperatures are right, and there are plenty of dark places and organic substances. Just add water, and you've created a perfect mold breeding ground.

What Does an NPI Mold Inspection Include?
At NPI, our Certified Mold Inspectors perform mold inspections according to the standards set forth in the National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors (NAMRI). We offer two types of mold inspections: Partial and Full.

1. Partial Mold Inspection

For a partial mold inspection, areas of microbial growth will be sampled with direct sampling per the client’s request, as well as a minimum of two air samples. The samples will be examined by an accredited lab. NPI will process the results and deliver to the client shortly thereafter.

Someone may be interested in a partial mold inspection if he/she only has a specific location(s) of suspected microbial growth they want tested. Most people need a full inspection, however, as mold is not always visible and a full mold inspection is a more comprehensive approach involving mold concerns in a building.

2. Full Mold Inspection

For a full mold inspection, NPI mold inspectors examine all areas of the building, inside and out:

  • Lots and grounds
  • Exterior of the building, including walking the roof when possible 
  • Structural components of building 
  • Mechanicals, plumbing, HVAC 
  • Interior rooms, including accessible attics and crawl spaces

During this inspection, Certified Mold Inspectors pay special attention to areas that are likely to have higher moisture, including plumbing, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, fixtures, laundry equipment, attics, etc.

We use specialized equipment to discover issues in addition to what we observe by visual and olfactory (smell) observation. We traverse the interior with an infrared camera, looking for areas of potential concern behind walls and ceilings, conduct multiple instant air quality tests with an AirAdvice monitor, use a thermo hygrometer to determine conditions that promote mold growth, obtain air and surface sampling, etc. When there is an area of concern identified, further investigation and testing will be performed.

The client will receive a detailed Mold Inspection Report, identifying and explaining all mold concerns discovered at the property, including all lab reports, AirAdvice reports, and information on maintaining a healthier home.

Keep Your Family Safe with Mold Testing from NPI
If you are concerned about harmful mold in your home, office, or other building environment, National Property Inspections can provide a comprehensive, whole building mold inspection and give you a peace of mind with our findings and solutions.

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