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Energy Saving Tips

Due to rising energy costs, as well as homeowners’ desire to support both living green and national energy independence, there has been a surge of interest in home energy efficiency. You need to take action to control these costs, but what can you do beyond lowering the thermostat to unbearable levels?

The first step to controlling energy use is a comprehensive NPI energy assessment. An energy assessment (sometimes called an energy audit, evaluation or inspection) primarily looks for ways that energy can escape a building and uncovers inefficient uses of energy. NPI Naples offers to include a Home Energy Report in addition to our standard home inspection reports.

What will I learn from an Energy Audit?

NPI will provide a detailed report with both digital and infrared photos showing areas of excessive heat or cold entering your home or commercial building, directing you to the best places to stop these energy leaks.

  • You will be given suggestions for practical repairs and upgrades, most of which are simple to correct, that will potentially save hundreds of dollars in future energy costs.
  • Your report will also include specific data regarding the volume of air leaks noted in your home, which can serve as a base for comparison to other homes or to compare to a follow-up test to determine the amount of improvement.
  • While NPI prides itself in having nothing else to sell, we will make general recommendations about the kinds of action to take on your home to make it more comfortable and affordable.


Justin Schertell of NPI Naples is a Certified Home Energy Auditor, Energy Savings Specialist, Home Energy Inspector, and Green Building Inspector. Contact us today to schedule your home inspection and energy audit!