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Your Home Questions Answered.

At the NPI Resource Center, you’ll find answers to the most common home maintenance questions. In our online articles and downloadable guides, you’ll learn how you can prepare for your home inspection, in addition to tips on maintaining your home’s condition.


In the Resource Center for Homeowners, our clients can find articles pertaining to their home’s main components. From fixing a broken toilet to saving money on your energy bills, we’ll take the guesswork out of maintaining your home.

In the Resource Center for Agents, Realtors and Agents can access exclusive industry-related documents including a Top 10 Red Flags list and information regarding available CE courses. Agents can also download various materials for clients.

Finally, visit our Sample Report page to check out an example of the NPI inspection report. Here, you’ll also find access to other helpful documents.

We encourage you to explore these valuable resource pages before your NPI inspection. By following our helpful tips, you’ll make the most of your home inspection while protecting your investment.

For further reading on home maintenance tips, visit our blog.