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Resources for Agents

At NPI Northwest Alabama, we value the relationships we create with our agents. Here are a few valuable, free resources for you and your clients that demonstrate our appreciation.

Prepare for your next license renewal with the NPI Continuing Education courses for agents. Your local NPI inspector offers state-certified CE courses that are informative and entertaining for real estate agents at any stage of their careers. Check out our menu of courses below. Contact us to schedule an NPI CE course today!

CE Credit Hours: 3
As an intro to the home inspection process, this course goes over the basics of every inspection. It’s designed to improve the way agents relay information to their clients and strengthen agents’ ability to interpret common home issues.
CE Credit Hours: 3
This course provides a basic understanding of property defects to look for while showing a home, which could impact IF and HOW an offer is written. This list contains the 10 most common issues inspectors find in both older and new homes.
CE Credit Hours: 3
The goal of this course is to educate and equip agents to help homebuyers understand the unique aspects of purchasing an older home. Topics include common exterior surfaces found on older homes, roofing, electrical, and more.

An inspection is a necessary component of the homebuying and selling process. Be sure your clients are prepared for their inspection with our Pre-Inspection Checklist.

Click here to download the NPI Pre-Inspection Checklist.

Whether you’re showing an old home or a new home, your homebuyers are bound to find issues. We’ve compiled a list of the top red flags (and their solutions) that homebuyers look for to help you stay ahead of the game.

Click here to download.

Did your inspector label parts of a home as “Recommend Repair”? Use this estimate guide to ease the homebuyer’s mind or negotiate an offer. Ranging from structural problems to carpet cleaning, we’ll give you the average cost of home repairs and remodels.

Our guide also provides the average life expectancies for a home’s major components and appliances.

Click here to download the NPI Repair Estimate Guide.