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NPI Fort Wayne Chimney Scan Inspections

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With a chimney scan from National Property Inspections, your inspector can give you an inside look at your chimney and determine its condition. Using a state-of-the-art digital camera system that’s fed up the chimney, we can identify potential defects in the interior, check for obstructions and verify the state of the chimney liner. Owner and inspector Blake Evans of NPI Fort Wayne is a ChimneyScan Certified Inspector.

Here are some of the specific issues we check for during a chimney inspection:

  • Creosote Buildup: as a fire burns in the fireplace, smoke rises into the chimney’s interior, and some of that condenses and collects on the walls of the chimney as creosote. Creosote is highly flammable, so when too much of this sticky, flakey substance has a chance to build up, it can be a real concern. 
  • Masonry Damage: if you have an older chimney that’s been operated without a liner, damage to the chimney’s masonry, bricks and mortar joints can occur over time. We can assess the interior, identify damage, and recommend further action to keep the chimney’s structure sound. 
  • Chimney Liner Damage: you chimney liner can develop cracks over time, which can trap creosote and lead to higher risk of a chimney fire. 
  • Obstructions: if your chimney has been operated without a chimney cap, various types of debris can enter through the top and stop smoke from drafting correctly. We check for evidence of bird nests, small animals, tree debris, and more to determine if the chimney is clear and functioning properly. 
  • Evidence of Chimney Fire: small chimney fires can start and extinguish themselves quickly, without a homeowner ever knowing. These can still cause damage, and the best way to determine if your chimney has had fires is with a thorough chimney scan.

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