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NPI Sample Report - 3/14/2007
A PDF excerpt from a NPI residential property inspection.

Infrared information - 4/19/2007
Infrared technology helps trained professionals scan the inside of walls and ceilings to find evidence of water intrusion, missing insulation and electrical hot spots. As a result, consumers have more information to make safety and energy efficiency improvements.

NPI Builder's Warranty Checklist - 5/8/2007
No one knows your new home better than you do. Filling out this form can help your inspector provide the most complete information possible.

Home Inspection Checklist - 5/9/2007
A comparison sheet for consumers looking to find the right home. This checklist is intended to help homebuyers remember the positives and negatives of several properties.

How to Resolve a New Construction Defect - 10/21/2008
If your home inspector finds a defect in your new home, it is important that you immediately resolve the issue with your builder. There are specific actions you should take in the process of resolving builder problems in order to effectively correct the situation.

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