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Transforming Your Unused Room into a Healthy Space

 September 28, 2020 |  Just for Fun, DIY |  organization, bedroom, office

Being active and staying fit are some of the most common life goals people have today. Whether you're young or old, finding ways to squeeze more exercise into your busy schedule can provide numerous benefits for you. Maintaining an active lifestyle can be difficult for many, but it’s easier when you bring the gym to you!

Gyms Aren’t Always the Answer
Gym memberships can be expensive, and you might not be getting your money’s worth if you don’t go regularly. In fact, you might not even have a gym near you that fits your needs. If the thought of fighting miles of traffic after work to get to the gym makes your eyes cross, you’ll probably be one of the many people who don’t keep up with their regimen.

Put an Unused Room to Use
Your house could be the solution for your workout dilemma. More and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of transforming unused space into their own gym. A basement, your garage or even a spare bedroom are all great candidates. You can easily customize these rooms to fit your requirements, and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on high-end equipment. All it takes is a little renovation before you can get to work on achieving a better lifestyle.

Which Space is the Best?
A basement, whether finished or not, tends to provide you with more space, but oftentimes comes with lower ceilings. This means you can’t do as many overhead lifts, or fit larger equipment like a lifting rack. Your garage combines the best of both, with ample headroom and enough floor space. Yet the drawback here is unless you are willing to do a full remodel, you’ll be dealing with extreme hot or cold temperatures during the year. What many are finding out is that redoing a spare room hits the bullseye. It's insulated, you have enough room and you can finally put that extra place to good use.

Added Padding
There are still some changes to make before you can jump into your workouts. To protect both your floors and yourself, you should install some extra padding. Spare carpet works well, or you can spring for higher-end mats. Even though you might not be lifting heavier weights, it’s still a good idea to lay some form of extra protection down. It will prevent you from putting dings or divots in your floor to help keep it looking nice. If you can’t afford to cover your whole lifting space, try to center the padding around the area where you will be using weights the most.

Install Extra Shelves
Putting in a few shelves or a rack is a great way to make sure that you keep your home gym neatly organized. The style and material of your shelving will depend on what you are storing. Lighter items such as yoga balls, mats, rollers and even some weights can be stored on wooden or PVC shelving for a supportive, cost-efficient choice. For heavier weights and dumbbells, you should look into metal shelving. No matter what you choose for storage, always check that it is properly installed to prevent any safety issues.

Redecorate to Motivate
One of the last steps in creating your home gym is making it look any way you want. Feel free to customize your walls and even your ceiling to tie it all together. Paint fun designs, write motivational quotes, hang mirrors and do whatever else you can think of to complete the transformation. It’ll help get you in the right mindset, which ensures that you'll get the most out of your home exercises.

Make Sure Your Space is Safe
Whether it’s a new gym, bedroom or other spot in your house, making sure it’s safe is important. A home inspection with one of NPI’s trained professionals will give you the knowledge you need. Find your local inspector today.

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