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The 5 Best Housewarming Gifts to Give a New Homeowner

 February 15, 2019 |  Just for Fun |  new homeowner, first-time homeowner, moving, kitchen, entertaining, living room

Nothing says “welcome to the neighborhood” or “congratulations on your new home” like a housewarming gift. Whether you want to drop by and introduce yourself to new neighbors or you’ve received a formal invitation to a housewarming party, this list will ensure you don’t arrive empty-handed.

1. Glass food storage containers
This one is a little unconventional, but let us explain. Think of your own storage container collection. Unless you’ve culled it recently using some tried and true decluttering tricks, you’ve probably got a mismatched pile of lids and containers. Some are glass, some are plastic, some are long gone, but their lids remain. Wouldn’t YOU love a brand new set so you can start from scratch in your brand new home? We know we would!

2. A gift card to a nearby pizza restaurant
Moving is an exhausting process and unpacking can be drawn out for weeks. Who has time to cook? A gift card to a local pizza restaurant that delivers to the neighborhood will never go amiss. Bonus idea: gather menus from your favorite local takeout restaurants, decorate a fun folder and present it along with the gift card. You’ll get to bond over great food and they’ll never be at a loss when it comes to picking the best their new area has to offer.

3. A throw blanket
Throw blankets are one of those things you can never have too many of, especially in a family with multiple children and pets. Opt for a blanket made of a super-soft material, like fleece, polyester or cotton. It also doesn’t hurt to choose a neutral color that will complement just about any decorating scheme. Think shades like oatmeal, gray, ivory, olive or navy.

4. A great cookbook
The gift recipient might already have classic cookbook staples in their collection, like The Joy of Cooking and the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. This is your chance to offer a more fresh, modern or personalized recommendation. Do you have a favorite tried and true cookbook that has never steered you wrong? Grab a copy, and go a step further by marking your favorite recipes with sticky notes. We promise they’ll appreciate it.

5. A bottle of high-quality olive oil
Most people opt for a bottle of wine or bubbly for new homeowners—it’s classic and the majority of the time, appreciated. But if the homeowner doesn’t prefer your selection, the bottle could collect dust on the shelf. Opting for a bottle of high-quality olive oil will drastically reduce the chance of your gift going unused. Plus, the whole family can enjoy it, and it’s just plain healthier.

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