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Get the Most Out of Your Home Listing

 August 30, 2021 |  Home Inspection, Home Maintenance |  kitchen, Summer, Spring, home seller, real estate, moving

Trying to get the most money for your home can feel like navigating through a maze at times. You try to figure out your local market and price your house competitively, but you’re still struggling to get good offers. As you work with your agent, they’ll likely give you advice on how to optimize your listing. Here are a few tips to draw the perfect buyer to your home.

Spruce Up Your Listing
To make a great first impression with buyers, start by creating a strong listing. Each part from your pictures to the description of the house should be as accurate as possible. If a buyer comes to tour and realizes things aren’t how they appear in your listing, it can turn them away from making an offer. Staging your home for photos makes all the difference in how buyers will assess it. To get your home picture ready, clean from top to bottom. All your belongings should be put away so that people can see each room in its entirety. If you have a storage area or large closet space you want to highlight, clear it out to show the full size. Lastly, use good lighting so each room is easier to see--this will make all its features really pop.

Time the Market Right
Your agent will help you navigate your local market once you start the listing process, but when’s the best time to enter it? Typically the housing market ramps up during spring and lasts through summer, ultimately tapering off in the fall. People with children tend to look to move in the summer before school starts back up, so your best bet to catch more offers is during the transition into spring. Along with the right timing, you need the right pricing. Again, your agent will be able to provide the best insight on staying competitive with other houses on the market.

Small Renovations Could Make the Difference
It might be worth your time and money to do some light repair work and boost your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers. You’re most likely trying to save as much as you can while selling and house hunting, so you don’t need to go overboard. Here are some of the renovations you can do to increase your home’s value: 

  • Give your kitchen a facelift. 
  • Fix your flooring. 
  • Update the master bath. 
  • Create a new outdoor space. 
  • Incorporate energy-efficient features. (windows, appliances, etc.)

Share it on Social
Nearly everyone is connected online today, and you can use that to your advantage as a seller! Share your listing on your Facebook, Twitter, or other accounts to reach as many people as possible. If you change the price or have any updates, you can easily send them out with a quick post. You can also integrate attention-grabbing features such as virtual tours that let people “walk through” your home before they visit.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection!
You can benefit from having a pre-listing inspection before you accept an offer on your home. You’ll catch items that need fixed and avoid haggling with the buyer about pricing out repairs, or possibly lowering the sale price. It’ll also give your agent better information when finding the sweet spot for your home in the market. In the end, a pre-listing inspection will help you save time and money. National Property Inspections can assist with your home inspection needs. Call your local inspector and schedule a pre-listing inspection today!

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