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8 Inexpensive Home Upgrades You Can Do in a Weekend

 February 8, 2019 |  DIY, Home Maintenance |  appliances, painting, lighting, home exterior, bathroom, electrical

Looking for an inexpensive way to give your home an upgrade? Try any of these ideas for a new look and feel that won’t break the bank.

1. Replace your light fixtures.
Light fixtures are one of those features that can age a space fast. Not only will replacing them give your space an instantly modern look, it can also increase your home’s value. When you go to replace your fixtures, don’t forget about the kitchen and the bathroom! Those areas are often neglected but mean the most to future buyers.

2. Trade in your drawer pulls and hardware.
If you’re not quite ready to invest in a full cabinet overhaul, starting with the hardware is a great way to test out a new look. New drawer pulls and knobs are inexpensive and can give even tired or outdated cabinets a whole new look in minutes.

3. Give your mailbox an upgrade.
If you have a boring, lackluster mailbox, setting a weekend aside to spruce it up can really pay off in the curb appeal department. You can replace the box itself, give your post a more upscale look using decorative rocks or go full DIY and find a unique tutorial.

4. Invest in a smart thermostat.
Smart thermostats are getting more affordable all the time, and they can make heating and cooling your home faster, easier and more effective. In fact, you can save up to 25 percent on heating and cooling in one year just by switching to a smart thermostat, so if you have a large home, this upgrade should be at the top of your list.

5. Paint your front door.
Painting your front door means giving your home a whole new vibe in the space of just one afternoon. The options are limitless, so if you’re having a tough time picking out the perfect color, try one of 2019’s most popular trends. This year, homeowners are gravitating toward reds, grays, blacks, rusts, blues, greens, fuchsias and yellows.

6. Try a new showerhead.
Guests may not notice this improvement, but you certainly will. Hit reset on your morning routine by installing a brand new showerhead. You can get an excellent quality model for anywhere from $50 to $200. You could go with a handheld, rain shower or multi-setting, or try out a low flow showerhead to save water and money over time.

7. Get new outlet covers.
Nothing ages a room faster than old, yellowed outlet covers. Luckily, you can snap up shiny new outlet covers for as little as a couple dollars apiece, and it doesn’t take a seasoned DIY guru to replace them. For an instant upgrade, it doesn’t get less inexpensive and more effective than this.

8. Re-caulk your bathroom.
This one is probably best reserved for those that are no stranger to home improvement projects. Removing and redoing holy, gaping or stained caulking around your tub and sink can make your bathroom appear instantly brighter. If you’re not quite ready to pick up a caulk gun, you also have the option of brightening your existing caulk with bleach and an old toothbrush or grout and caulk repair pens.


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