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10 Easy Ways to Create a Festive Home

 December 13, 2021 |  Home Decor, Holiday, DIY |  winter, entertaining

We all love decorating our homes for the holiday season. Achieving that Hallmark movie look gets us into the spirit and ready to celebrate. However, it can be easy to go overboard and get overwhelmed with your holiday decor. Here are some easy tips you can use to get a festive feel and avoid getting stressed out.

Don’t Overload Your Tree
Decking out your tree with tinsel and ornaments can really make it pop, but too much can make it look like a whirlwind of trimmings. This year, remember to keep your arrangement simple. Only use your favorite ornaments instead of jampacking every single one onto the branches. You can also create some handmade pieces by tying sticks of cinnamon together with ribbon. It’s something different and it’ll give off a great smelling holiday aroma!

Play Some Background Music
The right music will really bring that holiday magic to life. As you go about getting your home ready, turn on your favorite festive playlist. If you’re hosting guests, having a little background music will eliminate awkward silences. You can also ask for suggestions and play musical games like “Guess That Song” or karaoke!

Display Your Holiday Cards
Getting greeting cards and photos from family and friends reminds us what the season is about. Showcase them by creating a thoughtful display. You can either hang them up or arrange them into a centerpiece on the table.

Swap For Seasonal Furniture
The little touches make all the difference. One simple touch you can do is to put out more seasonal items. Pillows, tapestries, and other furnishings will give a warm, cheery ambiance.

Use Candles
Candles are a classic decoration that bring joy and serenity to your gathering. Place some around the dinner table or by your other decor (just be sure not place them too close). Of course, scented ones such as pine or gingerbread will fill your home with the best holiday aromas.

Make a Snack Station
If you’ve been busy making lots of delicious treats, put them out to share with everyone. You can make a snack bar with cookies and hot chocolate for your guests to browse. Decorate the station with a little festive flair to make it match the rest of your theme.

Make a Great First Impression
Sprucing up your entryway acts as the finishing touch to your holiday decorating. You can just go with a simple wreath, or add a few more trimmings for a more elaborate look. A small tree or some garland and lights will literally light it up. Try out your own combinations to really make it your own!

Bring the Snow Inside
What better way to get into the seasonal mood than by making your own winter wonderland? Sprinkle around some artificial snow to get that full seasonal feeling and immerse yourself. Put it on your tree to make it look like it’s fresh from the forest. If you have young children, making footprints with the snow will let them know that Santa Claus has come by!

Incorporate Nature
Using pieces of nature in your design will give it a more authentic feel. Plant clippings, pinecones, sticks, and berries all perfectly accent your arrangement. If you can’t find any real ones, imitations will work fine as well.

Present Your Presents
If you haven’t yet opened up your presents, leave them out as a display. A tree without presents can look a little bare, and having some around the base will make it more presentable. If you don’t have any gifts, wrapping up some old boxes is a good substitute.

Whether you plan to celebrate in person or online, it doesn’t take a lot of work to make a front page home for the holidays!

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