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How to Have a Healthy and Jolly Virtual Holiday Season

 December 21, 2020 |  Holiday, Safety, Just For Fun |  winter, entertaining

More than 115 million people traveled for the holidays in 2019, but this year will look a little different. Many are forgoing their usual party plans and opting to stay at home and celebrate. But just because you might not be able to be close, doesn’t mean that you can't still celebrate some of your favorite festive traditions.

Host a virtual baking day.
The holidays wouldn’t be the same without festive food. While your meals may be smaller, you can still have fun making all those delicious dishes and desserts you make just once a year. Set up a virtual event with your friends so everyone can prepare their favorite food and swap recipes. You’ll also likely learn fun facts about the history of a certain food or tradition you might not have known before!

Put a new spin on holiday arts and crafts.
Along with gingerbread houses, there’s an assortment of holiday projects you can do. Have each family purchase the same craft box and get to building. To make it even more exciting, set a time limit and have incentives for the winners. The shorter the time, the higher the chance for creative projects and guaranteed laughs.

Stream your favorite movies and shows.
A personal watch party for your top holiday programs will really get you into the spirit. Grab your snacks and fuzziest blanket and have a binge-watching session leading up to the holidays. At the end, have everyone give their top ten films and vote on which is the best movie for the season. There’s sure to be some lively discussions!

Perform a seasonal scavenger hunt.
If you want to have a more active virtual party, a scavenger hunt is perfect. Compile a list of some common household items or Christmas decorations to have people search for. Split up into teams for a competitive and entertaining game. For tie-breaking bonus points, see who can find the most unusual item in their home.

Sing Christmas carol karaoke.
No Christmas celebration is complete without showing off your golden voice to the tune of some classic songs. Queue up a list of songs that you’ve put together and press play. You can hold a laid-back concert or you can create a singing showdown complete with a tournament, judges and prizes.

Merry ad libs.
Another creative pastime is formulating your very own Yuletide stories. Like the hit game Mad Libs, everyone can get involved and contribute their original ideas. Go around and have everyone contribute a sentence or two to keep the story moving. Don’t forget to record your reading as it’s likely to be an interesting time!

Direct each other’s decorating.
A gag everyone can get in on is rearranging each other’s decorations. Let your virtual party guests take the reins and design your room how they see fit. Try to see who can come up with the craziest ideas!

Talk about your traditions and memories.
This part of the year brings with it lots of reflection on the past months and even the past years. It can be wonderful to look back on some of the best holiday memories that you’ve created. Although your traditional gathering may have been interrupted this year, you may look back at it as one of your fondest ones yet!


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