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With the rapid influx of new home construction in our area, we are reporting more and more errors during the build process that can become costly or even dangerous down the road for you and your family. If you’re building your new home, new construction inspections from NPI Coastal Carolinas can help ensure that every stage of construction is completed with quality workmanship. New construction inspections are different because they allow you the opportunity to see exactly what’s happening during every phase of construction, and with a home inspector’s professional guidance along the way, you’ll be confident in your new purchase from the moment you move in.

National Property Inspections Coastal Carolinas offers package deals to inspect your new build from foundation to finish.


New homes can have more than their share of defects, and we’ve seen them all! Here are the top three we come across on a regular basis.

New Construction Defects 1. Damaged or Improperly Modified Engineered Structural Components. A building’s structural components may be damaged or modified inappropriately in a way that affects load-bearing capacity or structural integrity. We see this most often in damaged roof trusses, like the one pictured above.
New Construction Defects 2. Missing Fasteners or Other Necessary Hardware. It’s more common than you think and can lead to safety issues. We see missing fasteners, joist hangers, sheathing clips, and even bolts. In the example above, you can see how many fasteners are missing at the joist hanger.
New Construction Defects 3. Improper Installation That Would Lead to Water Intrusion. There are many techniques and materials used when building that, when improperly utilized, can lead to water intrusion and a lot of expensive damage over time. It's not uncommon to see pooling around the yard or foundation of new builds.


Phase Inspections
During every new home construction, there are three phase inspections performed: a foundation inspection before the concrete slab is poured, a framing inspection before the drywall is installed, and a final finish inspection, otherwise known as a “blue tape” inspection.

Phase I: Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection. this is your opportunity to have the foundation inspected; once concrete is poured, these components are no longer visible. We check for problems like insufficient grading and drainage that can lead to standing water, undersized reinforcing bar, and proper support and spanning of post-tensioned cable. If any of these components are improperly installed, it can greatly affect the integrity of the foundation.

Phase II: Framing Inspection. Your next phase inspection is performed once the house’s framing is complete, but before the drywall is installed. Because insulation and sheetrock cover things like window flashing, electrical wiring, plumbing, and framing components, it’s crucial to inspect these items prior to drywall installation.

Phase III: Final Inspection. The final phase inspection is usually performed a few days before your scheduled walk-through with your builder. This inspection covers the home’s systems (all should be functioning at this point) as well as structural components.


Builder’s Warranty Inspections
Most newly built homes come with a warranty from your builder that lasts for one year. Before yours expires, NPI Coastal Carolinas can perform a thorough inspection and provide you with a detailed report. You can use this information to let your builder know about any defects that need to be repaired while they’re still under warranty. For more information on Builder’s Warranty inspections from NPI, click here.