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Disclosure Document Truths - 7/1/2010
Seller disclosures vary from state to state. In the current real estate market, it is tempting for sellers to omit details in their disclosure documents.

Preparing for Your Home Inspection - 2/29/2012
A home inspector looks at the exterior, interior, and major systems of a home.

How to Sell Your Home - 2/29/2012
When selling your home in a buyer's market, getting an edge over the competition is important. The following tips may help you sell your home faster without having to compromise on price.

Water Quality Testing and Potability - 2/29/2012
Municipalities routinely check water supplies for water quality. If you have a private water supply, usually your own well, water quality testing will be up to you.

Home Alert: Most Common Residential Electrical Safety Hazards - 3/1/2012
A common electrical system includes the service drop, service panel, fuses or breakers, and a series of wires leading to every outlet in the home. The age of a home, installation practices, and wear and tear all can cause safety issues when it comes to electricity. A home inspector can help identify these problems to protect people living in the home. This article lists 10 of the most common electrical issues found during a home inspection.

Wood-Destroying Insects - Termites - 3/5/2012
In many states, a termite inspection is required as part of the loan approval process.

Home Alert: Common Water Problems in Homes - 3/5/2012
A list of seven ways water causes problems in our homes.

Home Alert: Top 11 Common HVAC Issues Found During a Home Inspection - 3/5/2012
The following is a list of 6 common forced air furnace problems and 5 common problems in a combined heating/cooling HVAC unit:

Sewer - Septic inspections - 4/28/2015

Pools and Spas - 4/28/2015

Helping Your Inspector Prepare: Builder’s Warranty Inspections - 4/28/2015
Have your new home inspected before the builder's warranty runs out.

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