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Wallpaper Sticking Around Home Design in 2021

 September 13, 2021 |  Home Maintenance, Home Decor, DIY |  bedroom, bathroom, living room, walls

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up that bare wallspace, fresh wallpaper could be what you need! While wallpaper has seemingly faded since its heyday, new styles have breathed life back into the design trend. Homeowners are customizing wall coverings to give a throwback feel with a modern twist.

The History of Wallpaper
Wallpaper first became popular at the very beginning of the 20th century. Most houses had plain wooden planks for walls, and wallpaper helped cover any blemishes and add color to rooms. As time wore on, builders began utilizing drywall or other materials, and wallpaper wasn’t as necessary. In fact, you may have removed old wallpaper in your own house at some point. But now wallpaper is being revived with new patterns and an easier application process. It’s even estimated that the resurgence of wallpaper could turn it into a multi-billion dollar industry by 2026.

Stick, Don’t Glue
It used to be that wallpapering your home was a major decision. You’d better love the pattern you chose because it would likely be there forever--it was notoriously difficult to remove. Not to mention the old glue could rip up existing paint and create an even bigger makeover project. Most wallpaper manufacturers now use the peel-and-stick method. You don’t need messy glue and you can easily swap out patterns more often.

Know Where to Cover
While it’s easier than before to apply wallpaper, it’s important not to go overboard with it. You’ll want to cover rooms that tend to get the most foot traffic. For instance, your living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedrooms are great choices for maximum wallpaper impact. Hallways and more secluded parts of your home can be covered as well, but you might not get your money’s worth.

Choose Your Getaway
The assortment of designs and higher quality printing have helped leverage wallpaper into fine art territory. You can pick a dazzling display of abstract patterns or a serene floral look. There are even different textures you can choose from, and some 3D brands that really make your walls pop. A velvet or vinyl finish paired with foil accents bring your walls to life when they catch the sun or shiny fixtures throughout the day.

Get Creative
Bring out your inner designer when you go to hang your new wall coverings. Since some coverings come in individual squares, you can tile the pattern and spread it out. It’s also become trendy to put paper on your ceiling! That way you can admire your new art, even when lying down.

Hire Out or DIY
Even if you’ve never hung wallpaper before, the new designs make it easy. Peel-and-stick has turned an intensive project into a quick DIY that you can accomplish in far less time with hardly any special equipment. That being said, it can still be tricky at times. You can always hire out some extra help if you don’t want to get overwhelmed. A professional will put your new wallpaper up even quicker and also give you advice on what style would look best. However you choose to do it, your home will be looking refreshed in no time!

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