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Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Roof (and Your Home)

 December 19, 2022 |  Home Maintenance, DIY, Holiday |  roof, home exterior, entertaining

Due to rising concerns surrounding roof integrity during this time of the year, we thought it would be best to review some basic roof maintenance tasks that every homeowner should incorporate into their home maintenance routines. For much of North America, winter brings serious additional stress onto roofs as snow builds. This next year, resolve to provide proper roof care by following these essential tips.

Protect Your Shingles
The shingles are the attribute that most people first think of when picturing their roofs. Healthy, well-maintained shingles can go a long way to transform the overall attractiveness of a home, but many homeowners do not realize the perils their shingles face.

Each season presents its own hazards that can lead to shingle damage. From Summer heat that can cause crackling, curling, and tearing, to degradation from moisture in Winter snows or during thunderstorms, shingles go through the ringer throughout the year.

Protecting shingles is about more than just appearances, though, as they put in major work protecting homes from the elements. If a roof’s shingles have suffered through considerable wear-and-tear, homes are much more susceptible to leaks and other forms of water damage.

Watch For Water Damage
Homeowners should regularly monitor their roofs in search for any signs of leaks, but even after a professional exterior consultation, there can still be water damage due to roof leaks in a home. Check attics for leaks and things like musty odors or spotting on walls and ceilings to get proactive about protecting against water damage.

Missing signs that point towards a compromised roof can lead to major issues like runoff problems, damage to landscape, and even foundational damage. If there is any concern about a roof’s structural integrity, schedule a home inspection to begin addressing the issue.

Fight Off Moss, Algae, And Mold
Another byproduct to pooling water and moisture collection on roofs is the buildup of things like moss, algae, lichen, and mold. In many ways, this is a compounding issue, as these growths can cause damage and decay to shingles as well as the roof’s underriding structure. Again, without strong shingles to protect roofs from the elements, more moisture can enter the home, leading to mounting damage.

Homeowners can tackle this issue by cleaning their shingles during warmer months. Utilizing a mixture of liquid chlorine bleach, water, and a power washer, moss buildup can be killed before it becomes too much of a problem. As a note, remember to strategically redirect the runoff so that greenery isn’t damaged!

Trim Your Trees And Greenery
Speaking of landscaping, yet another potential hazard to a healthy roof (and a healthy home) are the trees, shrubs, flowers, and bushes that surround it. Low-hanging limbs can knock against roofs during storms or heavy winds, and they can potentially break off, leading to a dangerous impact. In addition, twigs and leaves are known to build up in gutters, creating major drainage issues. Make sure any overreaching limbs are trimmed back and managed before they become a problem.

Overgrown bushes and flowers can also cause issues with gutter systems as they attempt to drain rainwater, potentially leading to diversions into a home’s foundation. Just as with trees, make sure smaller plants are similarly trimmed and tended to protect your home.

Start with these simple steps and extend your roof’s life and make your roof as safe as possible.

National Property Inspections is home to experienced professionals, trained to identify potential hazards in your house. Schedule a home maintenance inspection today with an expert in your area.

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