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Tiny Homes: A Forgotten Fad Or A Major Movement?

 April 17, 2023 |  DIY, Home Inspection, Just for Fun |  entertaining, real estate, moving, new homeowner, organization

For many people, motivation comes from upgrading to the next big thing in all facets of life. Every morning they wake up and go to work, looking to save up for that fancy new riding mower, a new car, or maybe a bigger, nicer home. Because of this near-universal grinding mindset, the trend that’s become known as the “Tiny Home Movement” has turned many heads.

Where most look to trade up, tiny home-owners downsize and purge in order to follow this minimalist trend. For those wondering what the draw is and whether the movement has already passed by, here is a bit more information about the absolutely endearing tiny home.

What Is a Tiny Home?
Most who have already heard about tiny homes probably encountered the concept as it gained popularity through online content creators and shows like Tiny Home Nation in the mid-2010’s. Through these mediums, viewers watch as homeowners reject the large, ostentatious homes that most strive for in favor of building their own intensely creative miniature-sized homes.

Dubbed “tiny homes,” these unique residences have very few standardized characteristics due to the strong hand their owners have in their personalization. Rarely larger than 500 or 600 square feet in total, Tiny Homes are simply recognized by their strikingly small size and their innovative space-saving features.

Disciples of the movement will make an important distinction that tiny home life is about more than simply owning a small home, however. In a word, owning a tiny home means freedom.

Why Would Someone Want A Tiny Home?
The main aspects that have brought people into the tiny home lifestyle are related to a desire to save money and an interest in reprioritizing goals. With this, one unique experience that many people gain in pursuing this alternative lifestyle is the experience of building their own home.

Tiny homes are wildly less expensive than traditionally sized homes in every aspect. Fewer square feet of foundation, fewer materials, and less space that key systems need to heat, cool, and power mean savings from every angle. But many people take this to the next step by choosing to switch to a lifestyle that’s a bit more “off-the-grid.”

Living in a tiny home is already radical, but embracing the lifestyle in its full extent includes rejecting the excess “stuff” that tends to pile up and distract from the things that really matter. For some, this lifestyle provides the monetary opportunity to travel more and reconnect with friends. Some even opt to live in a tiny home on wheels (THOW), taking their houses on their vacations with them. After all, what’s better than combining holiday adventures with all the comforts of home?

Why Wouldn’t Someone Want A Tiny Home?
With every benefit of tiny home living comes a clear drawback. Some of these drawbacks are obvious like a massive drop in storage space and an incompatibility with hobbies that require a large footprint (eg. weightlifting, painting, or music). Other disadvantages may not be as obvious, however.

While some tiny home-owners like the idea of regularly moving their homes to new and interesting locations, every state, county, city, and municipality has different laws governing exactly how long someone can park their “home,” and where they are allowed to stay. For some areas zoning laws cause considerable restrictions, and other areas provide no distinction between Tiny Homes and things like recreational vehicles or accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Additionally, homes on wheels are limited even further in size since they need to be driven on roads while not presenting danger to other drivers. Many aspects of tiny homes can seem romantic and exciting, but in the end, the realities of tiny home living just might not be for everyone.

Do Tiny Homes Require A Home Inspection?
While this trend may not have the same national spotlight as in past years, many claim that tiny homes have staying power. Over time, societal adaptation could make these sorts of homes more common and easier to transition into. For homeowners considering something out of the box like a tiny home, they may wonder where home inspections fit into this trend.

Whenever someone purchases a new home, regardless of size, a home inspection is the only way to get a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the building. While tiny homes are obviously meant to be small, safety standards must be met, like a minimum ceiling height of 6 feet 8 inches, and the presence of a skylight or roof window as an emergency escape (according to the International Residential Code).

If opting to construct a tiny home from scratch, coordinating with a property inspector in order to ensure compliance with any area-specific regulations would also be a great benefit. Whether big or small, a home should be safe, well-ventilated, and properly insulated.

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