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Throwing the Perfect Backyard Get Together

 April 26, 2021 |  Home Decor, Just for Fun |  entertaining, summer, home exterior

Before we know it, summertime will be here, and there’s nothing better than having your friends and family over for a backyard cookout. But if you’ve ever thrown a party, you know it can also be quite a bit of work to pull off the perfect gathering. Here are some tips to create an entertaining night without a hitch.

Bring Your Yard Up to Par
Your yard can say a lot about you and what you think of your guests, so you definitely don’t want them to get the wrong impression. If your lawn is looking a little shaggy, a quick once-over with the lawnmower will get it in shape. Use your bag attachment (if you have one) to collect the clippings and dispose of them so your guests don’t kick them everywhere. Don’t forget to pick up after your pets as well. The last thing you want is for someone to step in a “present” left behind by your furry friend. To give a welcoming look to your guests, spruce up your front yard too.

Decorate to Keep Things Private
It’s not only important to be thinking of your partygoers, but also your neighbors. While you may be having a fun night, those within earshot might not find it as enjoyable to hear your music or late-night conversations. You can achieve some privacy naturally by positioning plants around your party space to cut down on light and noise. Another option is to hang up sheets or screens to help give you privacy. As a bonus, they help create a festive atmosphere.

Add Extra Lighting
It can be tricky (and depending on the setup, dangerous!) to try to navigate your way through a yard in the dark. One thing you can do to help your guests find their way is string up lights to make your yard safe and cozy. Lights add to the fun mood and are easy to place in just a few minutes. Other lighting options such as torches, fence-mounted lights, ground lights, and more allow the party to continue long into the night. If you already have lighting outside, check all the bulbs and replace any burned out ones. Also check your lights for exposed wiring--properly fix them with electrical tape or dispose of them.

Keep Away Unwanted Guests
A beautiful night can be ruined quickly with the arrival of small, oftentimes blood-sucking pests, but you can deter them and others with some help. Buy an electric lamp or bug zapper to attract and get rid of insects like mosquitoes and keep them from annoying your guests. If you don’t want to spring for a potentially pricey zapper, bug-repellent bracelets can work just as well. Of course, you can always turn to the age-old bottle of spray for backup.

Stay Cool
As you party on, you’ll need a way to cool off. Having cold drinks on deck along with some ice will keep you hydrated and refreshed. Ice packs and cold compresses are another way to quickly beat the heat. Even handheld paper fans are an inexpensive way to make a sweltering night bearable. You can have guests decorate them to fit the theme of your party, and they make great keepsakes.

Putting Some Fun in Your Yard
Lastly, the key to any successful party is to keep your guests entertained by avoiding lulls. There are countless fun backyard games to choose from. Cornhole, ladder-golf, and badminton are just a few of the ways you can pass the time. If you want to really impress your guests, create a movie theater experience for them. You’ll need a large sheet, a projector, outdoor seating, and some speakers for the best setup. This can be a more expensive option, but it’s a fun way to bring the silver screen to your own backyard.

Your home is your safe place, both inside and out. It’s crucial that you know everything is up to standards to protect you and your family. A professional inspection from NPI gives you the knowledge you need. Schedule your inspection today!

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