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Planning a Romantic At-Home Valentine’s Day Date

 February 7, 2022 |  Holiday, Just for Fun |  entertaining, winter

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you may be feeling the pressure to put on the perfect evening for your special someone. However, that perfect evening can be a mess if you fail to snag dinner reservations in time or you’re stressing about outdoing yourself from last year. If you want to save yourself from scrambling around at the last minute and still give a gift from the heart, here’s how you can have the perfect date night without ever leaving your home!

Put on your chef’s hat and apron.
There’s nothing quite like a full heart (and stomach) that comes from a delicious home-cooked meal. Recreate a meal from one of your favorite restaurants, or try out something new. You definitely don’t have to be the most skilled cook either. You might be surprised at how fun it can be to sharpen your culinary skills and make a meal for the person you love.

Channel your inner Bob Ross.
From showcasing your artistry in the kitchen to showing it on the canvas, go ahead and break out the paint brushes and easels. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that you can follow to create a masterpiece. You can do as many as you want and show off your finished gallery to your friends and family as well.

Make a cozy movie marathon.
A classic date night, cuddling up and putting on your favorite movie or TV show is both fun and relaxing. Use some blankets and pillows to make a comfy home theater along with some string lights to get the full experience. Don’t forget to buy your favorite snacks, pour a drink, and pop some fresh popcorn!

Set up a fun game night.
For hours of entertainment and a dash of nostalgia, a board game is the perfect match. Pick some of your favorites or a few new ones to try out and pair them with your favorite drink for lots of laughs. Of course for something more modern, virtual trivia or other video games are just as enjoyable.

Save your memories in a scrapbook.
It’s always great to look back and reminisce on certain memories. Whether it’s a trip you took or your first date, your story together is one of a kind. Gather your photos or keepsakes you’ve collected and put them together in your own scrapbook. Decorate it however you want and write notes about your fondest times. In no time at all, you’ll have a special memento to detail your journey!

Have a PowerPoint party.
A recent trend spurred by the hit social media app TikTok, presentation parties aren’t your typical homework assignment. You can choose a topic about anything from your favorite qualities about each other to 10 famous people you look like. The more outlandish the subject, the better for a combination of weirdness and hilarity.

Make a theme for your date night.
To tie your whole night together, choose a theme to follow. It can be reminiscent of your first night together, or you can choose a destination that you’ve both always wanted to go to. Put up decorations, play music and coordinate your meals and activities for an immersive experience.

Whatever you choose for your night in, it’s sure to be one you won’t soon forget!


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