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Mountain Home Maintenance Advice According to Home Inspectors

 November 13, 2023 |  Home Maintenance, Safety, Home Inspection |  roof, home exterior, landscaping, mold

A home inspector’s job is to know everything about what makes a home safe, comfortable, and habitable. Modern advancements mean that families are able to live in new jaw-droppingly beautiful environments, even despite their unique challenges. As people stretch the limitations of a modern home, home inspectors are still there to ensure necessary systems function as they should.

When it comes to living in a mountain home, owners have to adapt to their surroundings. Whether you’re a new homeowner acclimating to life a little higher above sea level, or you’re a long-time mountain dweller looking for some tips to keep your home running smoother (and to keep costs down), here are some primary maintenance concerns worth tracking.

Every Home’s Number One Enemy is Water Intrusion
In most climates, water management easily tops the list for property concerns due to the wide range of issues it can cause. Between poor water run-off, water intrusion, pooling and standing water, the development of mold, mildew, is a primary concern. In areas that have to deal with rain and snow throughout the year, water management becomes an even more important focus.

Homeowners can start by regularly cleaning out their gutters and keeping their downspouts free of debris. This chore can feel like a pain, but the problems that crop up from leaving this undone leads to some of the most costly home maintenance problems. Due to the extreme levels of moisture common in the mountains, homeowners will likely notice more mold developing on their driveways as well. To keep homes looking sharp and reduce destructive rot, pressure washing mold and mildew away and renewing exterior staining should keep durability up and water out.

If water seems to be gathering in certain spots of the property, or run-off tends to push near the home, that means trouble! Consult a landscaping specialist for options on how to improve your property’s water management systems. To learn more about how water damage can cause so many problems in your home, look at InterNACHI's informative article on the topic!

Pests and Wildlife Will Try to Invade
Part of the draw to the mountains may be the majestic creatures that you’ll now get to see on a regular basis. From elk, to bighorn sheep, to mountain owls and eagles, the wildlife alone can make a move to these heights worth the effort. With that said, homeowners who appreciate these animals probably don’t want to run a bed and breakfast for them. With colder temperatures, animals will try to find options for warmth, and if there’s a route for them to access your home, they are sure to take advantage of it.

Start by regularly walking the grounds and searching for exterior openings. Mice in particular are known to be able to squeeze themselves through shockingly small cracks, and other animals will burrow or hide in any accessible crevice. Keeping vegetation at a fair distance from any structures should be a good start, and regularly caulking access points like windows and doors can help, too. Not only will this help keep animals outside, this should reduce energy waste and make for a more comfortable living experience.

When it comes to wood-destroying organisms like carpenter bees, carpenter ants, or termites, clean up food quickly, watch for signs of damage, and keep contact information for a trusted pest control expert on hand. To learn more about dealing with infestations, read on right here!

High Altitudes Bring New Challenges
Finally, there’s nothing like waking up in the mountains and admiring that unbeatable sunrise. The sights are certainly beautiful, but did you know that gorgeous view can actually mean trouble for your home? Higher altitudes mean a thinner atmosphere and, unfortunately, more UV damage, which can wear away at siding, roofs, and exterior paint over time.

Keeping up with the environmental strain that mountain homes suffer takes consistent vigilance and regular repairs, but the effort can certainly be worth it! Consider incorporating an annual home maintenance inspection into your schedule with your local NPI property expert. Home inspectors have the knowledge and experience to catch maintenance issues before they become costly problems. Reach out for a quote today!

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