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Maintenance Minutes: How to Change Your Furnace Filter

 June 6, 2022 |  Home Maintenance, DIY |  Maintenance Minutes Series, homeowner, HVAC

In this Maintenance Minute video, we are going to take a moment to learn how to change the filter on your furnace. The only equipment you will need is a new filter. The information on what size is needed for the new filter should be located on the side of the unit. For this project, there’s no assembly or tools required–anyone can change out an old filter. Plus, it’s a good life skill to know as there will come a time when you need to utilize this expertise.

Reasons to Change Your Air Filter
There are a few major reasons why changing your air filter is so important. The first of which being that changing out the filter on your system keeps the HVAC working at an optimal level. Also, replacing the filter improves air quality by keeping the oxygen in your home clean. This is especially important for people with seasonal allergies. Last but not least, swapping out your old air filter for a new one helps to prevent damage to the entire HVAC system.

How to Change Your Filter
Before you get started, you’ll want to turn off your furnace. This can be done in one of two ways. In older homes, there will be a switch located on the side of the unit that you’ll need to flip to the off position. In newer homes, typically the furnace can be turned off via the thermostat.

Once this step has been completed, find the access panel where the old filter is located. On most HVAC systems, the filter can be found on the lower quadrant of the system and may be vertically or horizontally placed. The direction of the filter is important, as you will want to ensure that the arrows on the new filter are pointing outwardly if the filter slot is vertical and pointed upwards if the filter slot is horizontal.

Now that you’ve located the access panel that stores the filter, slide the old filter out of position and place it to the side. Next, find the arrows on the side of your new filter. With the arrows positioned correctly, slide the new filter inside of the access panel. Once the new filter has been installed, simply close the unit and turn your furnace back on.

When to Change Your Filter
The filter on your furnace system only needs to be changed a few times a year. Typically, filters should be changed out once every one to three months. Due to the additional heavy usage of your furnace in the winter, it is necessary to swap out the filter once a month, as this will minimize the chances of causing undue damage to the system. In warmer seasons, you may only need to change out the filter to your furnace once every three months, depending on the air quality in your home. However, if you are a pet owner and have sensitivities to your pet’s dander, you may have to stick to your winter schedule for changing out the filter on your furnace.

For more information on this subject and more, follow our Maintenance Minute Series here.


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