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Maintenance Minutes: Clearing Vegetation Away from Your Home

 July , 2022 |  Home Maintenance, DIY |  Maintenance Minutes Series, homeowner, foundation, gardening, landscaping

Whether you’re preparing for an inspection or just doing your own outdoor beautification project, clearing vegetation away from your home’s exterior is crucial for both cosmetic and maintenance purposes. Excessive shrubbery around your property can cause clogged drains, damaged roofs, and trapped moisture pockets. These issues can cause problems to your home’s interior and could even lead to insect infestations. To prevent these problems and more, we’re sharing tips on the best method of landscaping maintenance for a healthier home.

Choosing a Technique
The most common technique used to clear vegetation away from a home is the by hand method. This is the safest way to clear unwanted debris from your home. However, this technique is the most time consuming, so you’ll want to block out a half day just in case.

For the purpose of clearing light branches and smaller shrubs away from your property, the clearing by hand method is your best bet, as it’s the most cost-effective, safest, and easiest method to manage. While clearing smaller plants and trees, you’ll want to make sure to follow a few handy tips.

Tips for Clearing Trees, Plants, Shrubs, and Bushes
While clearing vegetation, it’s important to remember a few essentials to ensure that you’re doing so safely. For your own safety, you’ll want to make sure that you’re securing any ladders you’re using. To prevent any accidents, it’s also important to secure the premises if there’s the potential threat of falling branches. Here are few quick tips to remember:

  • Keep trees at least three feet from your home, as the roots can cause damage and holes to the foundation of your home. 
  • New trees and shrubs should be planted 10-30 feet away from your property to minimize structural damage to your roof. 
  • Plants that are too close to utility lines may cause future damage and increase the chance of electrical issues. 
  • Smaller shrubs should be cleared from your property by at least six inches.

For more information on this subject and more, follow our Maintenance Minute Series here.


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