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How to Tell if Your House is Haunted

 October 9, 2023 |  Home Maintenance, Cleaning Tips, Safety, Just for Fun, Home Inspection |  fall, attic, basement, walls, plumbing, electrical, appliances, ventilation, new homeowner

October has officially arrived and, as we march closer and closer to the spookiest day of the year, it’s natural for our minds to focus in on the strange and obscure. If this was your first year in your new home, you may have noticed some of its more interesting quirks or “features.” Some houses seem to groan when the wind hits them just right, others might creak whenever the mood is right. These are just “house noises” that you’re slowly growing accustomed to…right?

Many odd occurrences in the home can be explained away with a little bit of investigation, but when attempts at rationality come up short, it can be difficult to brush off the unexplained. As we all know, the Halloween season is best known as one time each year that the barrier between the material world and the spiritual world is its thinnest. In other words, if you have your suspicions that your house just might be haunted, you better figure it out now.

To aid you in your investigation, we’ve placed our best paranormal researchers on the job to identify the surefire evidence that proves your house is haunted. Reader beware: only proceed if you want to know the truth about the noise that is coming from your attic.

The Truth About Cold Spots
It’s a common sight in movies whenever ghosts are near. A shiver is sent down your spine, or a chill in the air suddenly lets you see your breath. Many paranormal enthusiasts believe that these instances are not just Hollywood run amuck, but real evidence of spirits drawing energy from their former homes. If your homes have extreme fluctuations of temperature or unexplained cold pockets within your home, you just might be dealing with a ghost.

On the outside chance that ghosts aren’t involved with your home’s heating issues, there are a few home defects that could also influence this issue. Poor insulation, inadequate sealing around doors and windows, and inconsistent filter cleaning can all cause homes to run colder than expected. Keeping a home properly insulated and ventilated is important for anyone wanting to live comfortably, and getting it right can have a major cost-savings benefit as well!

Read more about how 90% of US homes are under-insulated according to insulation experts over at Sealed. For more information on ventilation, read on here!

When You Smell Something…Fishy
The spirits that inhabit your home once had their own lives. They cooked their favorite foods, had their own pets, and they may have had their unique habits such as smoking a cigar, or wearing a particular kind of perfume. When moving into a new home, it may be unnerving to discover that strange odors only attributable to former owners seem to be lingering. In these instances, many supernatural researchers believe the spirits of those that have come before might be reaching out.

In situations where phantom smells aren’t a result of spectral activity, there is a chance that lingering smells could be resolved from a deep cleaning of your new home! Carpet, paint, and tile floors are just a few things in homes that can hold onto unwanted scents such as cigarette smoke long after previous owners have moved out. Replacing your carpet, picking a fresh coat of paint, and then tackling any inherited appliances should be a top concern for a clean start.

Note: Did you know that strange smell could be coming from your water? Here’s how to take care of any odd scents.

Flickering Lights and Failing Electronics
Flickering lights are a tell-tale sign of ghoulish encounters, whether it’s a spectral prankster at work or the result of a spirit’s presence drawing from a home’s electrical systems. EMF Meters are a standard tool used by ghost hunters and other paranormal investigators to detect any abnormal electromagnetic activity within an area, and many believe that these tools can be used for direct communication with paranormal presences.

If you’re looking for any alternative answers to electrical issues, flickering lights can also be caused by things like wire corrosion or loose/poor connections. Electrical issues can be serious fire hazards and should be addressed by a licensed electrician as soon as possible. To get started, an infrared inspection from a licensed home inspector can uncover overheated and overloaded outlets and appliances with ease.

Learn more about some of NPI’s specialty inspection services here!

Creaks, Groans, and Noises in the Night
When sharing space with ghosts, homeowners would probably prefer their ghost to be more of a Casper the friendly ghost-type, rather than a Beetlejuice-Beetlejuice-variety. This is why those first few nights in a new home can be particularly unnerving if unexpected noises start coming from the walls, the basement, or the attic. Are those noises just “the house settling,” or did that creak seem a bit too close to a groan for comfort?

Outside from ghouls or goblins, there are many other things that can cause a home to make distracting noises. Materials in homes naturally bloat and compress throughout the year as the weather changes, which can all cause harmless creaking and grumbling. Hissing or humming electrical outlets or piping could mean any number of problems, and suspect gas leaks should be addressed as soon as possible.

If you haven’t located your water and gas shut-off valves yet, now is the time to find them. Leaks can cause compiling damage if not resolved quickly, so it’s important for homeowners to familiarize themselves with their home systems before an emergency occurs.

You Can’t Shake the Feeling You’re Being Watched
Finally, if after “debunking” what seemed to be a former mountain of evidence that your home is haunted still leaves you feeling unsettled, don’t discount that feeling of being watched. As we all know, ghosts have this frustrating tendency to remain imperceptible to the naked eye. Due to this fact many people claim to notice shadows or movement out of the corner of their eye on occasion, and in other instances they might experience a pesky, disquieting sensation when looking into the darker corners of their home.

The truth is that if you feel like you’re being watched, you probably are! Though, it might not be exactly what you were expecting during the Halloween season. Many homes are haunted by rats, bats, spiders, and termites, which often go unnoticed by homeowners until long after inflicting serious damage to many of a house’s key systems. While there are many strategies that homeowners can employ to keep their homes free from unwanted guests, it may be wise to have a trusted pest control professional in mind when things get out of hand.


Do You Suspect that Your Home Might be Haunted?
Rather than contacting your local vicar, consider starting with a home inspection to figure out what makes your house tick!

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