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How To Show Your Home You Care

 February 13, 2023 |  Home Maintenance, DIY, Safety |  home exterior, kitchen, laundry, first-time homeowner, new homeowner

Our homes are always there for us. They keep us warm and dry on rainy nights. They offer a calming retreat after a hard day’s work. Life is busy. Oftentimes, homeowners get caught up with their regular routines, and many helpful home maintenance tasks understandably get forgotten. People do what they need to and rarely much more.

Considering everything that our homes do for us, we should take every opportunity to give back! Going above and beyond with home care can extend the lives of crucial systems, and mitigate potential breakdowns. To add to your regular routine, add these home maintenance tasks to show your home you care.

Test Your Sump Pump
While not every home has a sump pump, these drainage systems are vital to avoid flooding. Located in basements, sump pumps consist of a small basin and a hole which detects water levels. When working properly, these pumps expel water from homes when these levels are too high and redirect floodwaters safely away.

Homeowners can test their sump pumps easily by filling a bucket with water and dumping it into the drain. If things aren’t working properly, discovering the issue during one of these controlled tests is certainly preferable in comparison to discovering a flooded basement after vacation. It’s important to test your sump pump a couple times a year.

Flush Out Your Water Heater
Homeowners are well aware of their water heaters. Between doing dishes, taking care of laundry, and taking a nice hot shower this system is another example of how our homes take great care of us. One way to keep up the performance of your water heater is to perform a regular “flush.”

Water heaters will slowly build up sediment consisting of magnesium and calcium. With too much build-up, water heaters will need to work much harder than usual. Loud noises should provoke immediate action as this could be an early sign of rusting or even a breakdown. Flush out sediment from your water heater once every year.

Clean Your Cleaning Appliances
Many home systems are solely dedicated to cleaning. Maintaining a clean home does wonders in keeping a clear and positive mind. To show appreciation for these appliances, homeowners shouldn’t neglect their cleaning systems.

Every six months, homeowners should use a shop-vac to rid their dryer ducts of dust, pet hair, and other debris (all common causes of house fires). Additionally, vinegar solutions are great for cleaning dishwashers, washing machines, and shower heads. Any staining or substance accumulation can cause appliances to run less efficiently and perform poorly. Clean machines this way about once a month, and soak shower heads once every three months.

Clear Dust From Your Fridge Condenser Coils
Refrigerator condenser coils release heat and keep the system cool. When these coils get clogged with dust or pet hair their jobs get much harder. Homeowners can clean these coils once every three months, using a vacuum, a cleaning brush, or just a washcloth.

Issues with refrigerator condenser coils are a leading cause for breakdowns. To cut down on these interruptions and to save on energy bills, homeowners should add this quick task to their regular routines.

Simple home maintenance routines like these are commonly overlooked and forgotten by most homeowners. Homeowners who incorporate these strategies into their regular routines keep their home in tip-top shape and will ultimately save on otherwise unnecessary system replacements.

A regular home maintenance inspection is the best way to track the health and status of a home’s key systems. Schedule your next inspection through NPI for peace of mind!

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