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How to Remodel Your Basement on a Budget

 March 20, 2023 |  DIY, Home Decor |  basement, ceiling, walls, floors, painting, new homeowner

Whether you are a new homeowner looking to make some alterations or you’re finally ready to make your dream home a reality, there is no project as impactful to the way you live in your home than a basement remodel. Depending on the size of your home, finishing your basement could double your usable living space! Additionally, with cost savings from added insulation and value added to your home on resale, it’s no wonder that homeowners get so excited about starting their basement remodeling projects.

Too often, though, our imaginations are limited by our budget. While a basement could transition into a cozy home theater for a movie night in, or a wide area for the kids to play, the costs of remodeling a basement can stack up quickly. For any prospective DIYers or homeowners looking to make the most of their money, here are some quick tips for how to remodel a basement on a budget.

Pace Yourself
The first thing that every homeowner should do when planning a home improvement project is to assess their capabilities. While it’s true that there is the potential for substantial savings by doing some (or all) of your renovation work on your own, key areas done incorrectly can lead to major problems down the road.

Waterproofing your basement might be the most expensive part of finishing a basement, but it’s also the most important. While you may benefit from seeking out less expensive alternatives in other areas, waterproofing is not an area that homeowners should look to cut corners.

After taking care of the necessities and any structural repairs first, plan out the remodel in chunks or stages. Target spaces that you plan on using first, and leave areas that you occupy less often for later. Section off spaces that contain things like your furnace, water heater, or electrical panel, and plan a room or smaller area to start. This strategic allocation of your budget will allow you to see the most use out of each dollar spent.

Pick Your Materials Wisely
Another major expense during a remodel comes from the selected materials themselves. If you plan on installing a second kitchen or bathroom, the project will always demand a more considerable investment. However, savvy homeowners can look to select cheaper material alternatives without sacrificing style.

While nothing matches the selection that comes with ordering custom cabinets, stock cabinets can work great with the right design philosophy! In addition, rather than opting for tile or wood flooring, carpet squares or concrete with epoxy can be both inexpensive and attractive. With the right picture in mind and a bit of creativity, homeowners can see the most overall savings on their remodeling job just from smart material selection.

When in Doubt, Paint
Let’s say your budget is even tighter than you thought, but you’re committed to finishing that second living space. No problem! One of the best things that any homeowner can do to clean up the look of a room is to use paint.

Whether finished or not, paint your basement walls, your concrete floors, and even your exposed ceiling! The transformation that takes place can be shocking with this inexpensive move, but be sure to select your colors with the correct considerations in mind. Basements tend to have a dark, unwelcoming ambience naturally, so brighter colors are best to counteract this tendency. Additionally, bright ceilings can actually make a room seem taller and more open naturally.

If you choose to solve your remodeling woes with paint, there are a few things to keep in mind. When painting an unfinished ceiling, consider using a sprayer to effectively blend together pipes, beams, and other fine-detailed components. Also get ready to shake loose plenty of dust from these areas in the process!

Remodeling or finishing a basement can add a surprising amount of character to a home. With the right plan in mind, homeowners can take on this project with confidence (and without breaking the bank).

Did you know that minor structural damage discovered during renovations can lead to major expenses down the road? Be sure to schedule a yearly home maintenance inspection to stay on top of your home’s health!

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