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How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

 November 13, 2019 |  Holiday, Just for Fun, Home Decor |  Winter, Fall

With the holidays fast approaching, you’re busy juggling what feels like 100 tasks. Your guests are still days from arriving, but you’re already overwhelmed. And when they do show up on your doorstep . . . well, then what? While the thought of attending to one more to-do list might be enough to tear your hair out, we have the perfect cheat sheet for preparing your home for holiday guests. Here’s how to keep them happy and avoid host regret, even while at your busiest.

Set Out All-in-One Welcome Kits
When you’re at the height of dinner prep mania, the last thing you need is a barrage of questions and requests. Head off distractions and pamper your guests at the same time with welcome kits. These can be totally customizable and they don’t need to cost more than a few dollars each. Consider filling storage cubes with items like travel-size toiletries, books, magazines, towels, and small gifts like holiday-themed chocolates or a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop. You can also include a sheet with the holiday “schedule,” the household Wi-Fi password and any other relevant info.

Create a Quick Tour Guide to Your Area
A little peace and quiet will never go amiss when you’re entertaining, and there’s no shame in encouraging your guests to get out of the house and explore. Take a few moments and create a list of your favorite nearby restaurants, movie theatres, activities and shopping centers and have it ready to go so they can make their own plans.

Have Food and Drinks in Plain Sight
Make your guests feel welcome by inviting them to help themselves—without rummaging through your pantry. Keep snacks out in plain sight and have a well-stocked cooler or fridge with a variety of drinks, preferably out of the way of the kitchen. Dry, non-perishable foods are best. Think snack mixes, granola, pretzels, nuts, dried fruit and popcorn. All the better if it’s holiday-themed! Don’t forget a stack of cups, bowls or plates for people to fill. You’ll also want to have coffee and tea readily accessible for the adults, so be sure to have all the supplies you’ll need.

Keep Them Busy with an Activity Station
To keep the whole staring at separate screens thing to a minimum, set up a card table activity station. This can include things like a challenging jigsaw puzzle for older kids and adults, holiday coloring pages and crayons for children, playing cards and boardgames. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even set up supplies for cookie decorating or a special holiday craft.

Add a Few Festive Touches
Your home doesn’t need to be decked out to give everyone that warm, fuzzy feeling. Simmering some stovetop potpourri with cinnamon sticks, cloves, cranberries and oranges can go a long way toward creating a festive atmosphere. You can also invest in a few themed centerpieces or fresh flowers. Remember that decorations should never take up too much space on the floor or be placed in areas where they’re prone to being knocked over.

Take Deep Breaths
Remember, hosting guests is a tough job that not everyone is cut out for—and you’re doing it! Take a few moments for yourself here and there throughout their stay and just breathe deeply. If you’re relaxed, your guests will be relaxed. They won’t notice the little things not going over perfectly, especially if you don’t let on that anything is bothering you. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and remember why you invited them in the first place.

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