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Home Design Content Creators You Should Start Following

 July 10, 2023 |  DIY, Home Decor, Just for Fun |  painting, walls, living room, bedroom, entertaining

One of the biggest benefits of the many social media and content creation platforms that are widely accessible today is that there are more engaging content creators than ever before. For people that are compulsive DIYers themselves or for those who are interested in learning more about intriguing interior design styles, finding a popular vlogger is a great way to build motivation and fuel inspiration.

Pick your poison! Between Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, there’s no shortage of home and lifestyle content creators ready to hook you in. If you’re interested in checking out a few new creators, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few home and lifestyle content creators that you should definitely check out!

DIY Content Creators
There is no better genre of content creation when it comes to personal motivation than DIY content creators. Homeowners often feel limited in how they can transform their houses due to budget constraints, and home improvement jobs tend to feel intimidating for people that lack experience using tools, making measurements, and designing home features. The best DIY content creators are able to balance specific home improvement tutorials with fun and well-edited videos that show how accessible many projects are—even for beginners.

Amanda Vernaci | @comestayawhile on Instagram

Amanda Vernaci is a wife, a mother, and a DIY instagram star who encourages her followers by saying, “If I can do it, so can you.” The majority of her content consists of shorter, edited video montages of herself running to hardware stores, assembling new cabinets, or installing custom backsplashes in her kitchen.

Amanda points out when she makes mistakes and invites her audience along to celebrate with her as she highlights the final product. Homeowners who are a little nervous about starting their first DIY project or just looking for an entertaining creator to follow should check out Amanda Vernaci on Instagram @comestayawhile.

Pete Sveen | @DIYPETE on Youtube

Known as DIY PETE on YouTube, Pete Sveen is a family man who gives in-depth DIY tips as he works through various ambitious projects on his spacious property in Montana. Pete’s videos often see a project from its very beginnings all the way through to its completion so, although his videos tend to be on the longer side, DIY PETE may be the most valuable resource out there for DIYers looking to improve on their skills.

Pete does a great job of listing off each specific tool he uses and demonstrates proper usage throughout each tutorial video. Though somewhat limited when it comes to cinematic editing and use of music, Pete Sveen is a great go-to source for DIY content. As a side note, his black lab Helena is a fantastic helper who is frequently present during Pete’s projects. Check out Pete on Youtube for more fantastic DIY tutorials!

Mike Montgomery | @modernbuilds on Instagram & @ModernBuilds on Youtube

For a combination of DIY and design, Mike Montgomery is a fantastic follow on Instagram and Youtube for his Mid-Century Modern interior design makeovers. As “Modern Builds,” Mike walks his audience through a wide variety of home renovation jobs including a recent Joshua Tree home makeover and a school bus-tiny home conversion.

Mike’s designs include plenty of custom-made wooden consoles, coffee tables, and unique flooring patterns that bring some rustic details into his homes as well. Some of Mike’s DIY tutorials can be a bit more advanced than many are likely comfortable with replicating, but his positive energy and enthusiastic persona is infectious. For a great mid-century modern specialist, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better follow than @modernbuilds!

Interior Designers
Interior design creators find a natural home on platforms like Instagram where they can feature artistically framed examples of their work and edit montage-style showcases of their scenes. These content creators tend to be light on tutorials and place a heavier emphasis on the “before and after” comparison shots. The best interior design creators will depend highly on personal taste and preference for content style, but here are a few who know how to stand out.

Dani Klaric | @daniklaric on Instagram & @daniklaric on TikTok

Dani Klaric has developed massive followings on both Instagram and TikTok showing off her vintage business and home makeover projects. Dani’s bright personality and high-energy narratives match her style of bold, contrasting colors mixed with thrift shop gems.

In addition to behind-the-scenes perspectives of Dani’s projects as an interior designer, Dani’s followers have also joined her as she’s opened her own small business with a friend. Dani Klaric’s content is a fantastic cross-section of small business ownership, creative editing, and vintage home decor.

Tay Beepboop | @taybeepboop on Instagram & @taybeepboop on Youtube

Another great follow for interior design is a Hawaiian-born creator that goes by “Tay Beepboop” online. Tay’s style is quite similar to Dani Klaric’s (in fact, they recently collaborated on an apartment suite in Australia together). Bright colors, vintage wallpapers, and curls are common sights in her home decor designs, and Tay will frequently feature items directly purchased from thrift stores in her room designs.

Tay will veer into simple tutorials a bit more often than Dani, but odds are that followers that enjoy one’s content will likely enjoy the other as well. Be sure to check out both of these creators on their various social media platforms!

Corey Damen Jenkins | @coreydamenjenkins on Instagram

If Dani and Tay aren’t your style, you might consider checking out interior design Masterclass instructor Corey Damen Jenkins. Jenkins and his firm, Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates, have been featured by Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and more. Residing in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Jenkins’ style puts a contemporary twist on the refined classic architecture in the American Northeast. As you’ll see from his Instagram, Jenkins isn’t afraid of bold color and playful patterns.

“There are design principles but there really are no rules,” Jenkins said in a previous interview with Homes & Gardens. “Principles are to be followed and you should honor the principles of good design, but the rules are to be bent and broken. I’ll break a rule in a heartbeat if it makes sense for the project.” follow along with Corey Damen Jenkins and his projects on Instagram @coreydamenjenkins.

Home Maintenance & Real Estate Trends

National Property Inspections, Inc. | @npifranchise on Instagram & @npisocial on Youtube

There are so many fantastic home design content creators out there worth exploring! With that said, there are likely very few creators out there that will match the combination of varied content with expert opinion from the perspective of professional home inspectors. If you are interested in interior design, DIY projects, commercial real estate trends, or anything else in the world of real estate, definitely give our page a follow! We’re excited to share our experiences with you!

Let us know which home design content creators we should start following, and if you’re gearing up for your next home improvement project, don’t forget to get your annual home maintenance inspection in the books! Schedule a consultation with NPI today!

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