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Haunted Places Series: Keg Mansion

 October 11, 2021 |  Holiday, Just for Fun |  entertaining, fall, Haunted Places Series

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Architectural Style: Gothic
Built: 1868

For our next haunted location, we’re headed up north to “The Heartland Province.” Famous for its diverse population and accredited universities, Toronto is one of North America’s largest and most intriguing cities. Coincidentally, the Queen City is also known for having one of the most haunted houses in Canada.

Construction of Keg Mansion
In Victorian-era Toronto, Jarvis Street was the symbol of high society. Elaborate mansions lined the street with each one as unique as the last. Built in 1867 by Arthur McMaster, Keg Mansion boasted an ornate interior and exterior. The red shingles and green brass window accents pop against the neutral brick. Soft colors inside line the 26 different rooms and 17 fireplaces. The home would be bought in 1882 by the Cleveland agricultural equipment salesman Hart Massey, and his wife. The Masseys added a turret, verandah, and a greenhouse, but left much of the original decoration untouched.

The Massey Family
The Masseys quickly became one of the most prominent families in the city. In fact, Hart Massey helped fund buildings at the University of Toronto, such as Massey Hall. After Hart’s death, his daughter Lillian took over his estate and named the home Euclid Hall. Having a woman run such a vast enterprise was essentially unheard of at the time. Hart’s grandsons Vincent and Raymond also rose to a prominent social status. Vincent became the Governor General of Canada in 1952, and Raymond became an Oscar-nominated actor. After Lillian’s death, the house was entrusted to the University of Toronto and it later served as a veteran’s hospital, an art gallery, and even a radio station.

Misfortunes in the Mansion
Keg Mansion has seen its fair share of tragedy in its more than 150-year history. Lillian Massey passed away in the home in 1915. After her death, one of Lillian’s most devoted maids took her passing very hard and is said to have hanged herself in one of the rooms. A young boy visiting the home one day fell down the stairs and died from his injuries a short time later.

Ghosts of the Past in the Mansion
There’s no shortage of ghost stories from Keg Mansion. People have reported the sounds of children playing around the home, mainly close to the stairwell the boy fell down. The distraught maid of Lillian Massey is also said to roam the building. She will oftentimes appear in the room she died in, hanging in the center. Lillian Massey herself can be heard and seen at different times, most likely still watching over the home she adored. Throughout its different uses, staff at the home have noted strange occurrences, such as feeling pushed near the oval vestibule or witnessing doors opening and closing on their own.

Keg Mansion Today
Keg Mansion received heritage status in 1975. Shortly thereafter, it was transformed into a restaurant. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar is still in operation today. So if you’re looking to fill your belly and your paranormal appetite, be sure to add this destination to your list!

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Photo by BarberMA, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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