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Handmade Haunting: Bringing the Tricks and Treats to Your Home

 October 5, 2020 |  Just for Fun, DIY, Holiday, Home Decor |  fall, entertaining, kids

Halloween is normally the time where all the local ghosts and goblins make their way door to door in search of goodies. However, much like the spooky season itself, this past year has proved to be anything but normal. If you’re looking for a fun way to have your candy and eat it too, then making an at-home haunting is just what Dr. Frankenstein ordered.

Get the whole family involved in the construction.
While your kids may be saddened that they won’t be able to travel the neighborhood, having them create their own house of horrors will cheer them right up. It’s also a good idea to get your little ones involved in the creation since they know their own scare-level. You don’t want to create a house that scares them too much, and definitely don’t want to make a “house of snores.”

Decorate with DIY spiders, ghosts and other monsters.
You don’t need to head out and buy expensive animatronic spooks that will just sit in storage most of the year. You can easily create your own freaks and creeps from items around your house, with a few additional supplies from the craft store. Some grotesque guests to get you in the mystery mood are:

- Pipe cleaner and styrofoam spiders on a string web. 
- Chicken wire and bed sheet ghosts.
- Construction paper monsters.
- Pumpkins carved with a menacing face. 

Add some glow-in-the-dark paint to your creations as well to have them really pop.

Turn your home into a twisted maze.
To make your haunted house even more entertaining, transform it into a path of twists and turns. You can use old boxes or furniture covered in sheets along with your decorations to make a terrifying tunnel system. Make the tunnels as dark as you like, but it’s a good idea to have some sort of light source to prevent anyone from getting hurt or turned around.

Have activities in different rooms.
Creating fun and frightening activities to do in various rooms around your house will give your kids something else to do on their bone-chilling tour. A puzzling escape room, bobbing for poison apples and reaching into a bowl of mystery goop are just a few of the games you can play.

Create characters for your kids to interact with.
The best part about Halloween at home is that anyone of any age can play a part. Break out your own Halloween costumes and get into character to really set the stage for your haunted attraction. Try to come up with a story or theme, such as being trapped inside a mad scientist’s lair, that will help make the scares seem even more lifelike.

Play spooky sounds for more immersion.
No night of terror is complete without the sounds of wailing ghosts and creaking doors. There are lots of Halloween themed soundtracks you can play over a speaker that will give you goosebumps.

Have some other at home activities after you finish.
Depending on the length of your haunted house, you may still have some time to fill. You’ll find no shortage of fun activities online that you can do to stay safe this haunted holiday. For a more comprehensive list of low-risk ways to celebrate, visit the CDC’s website.

Although you may be stuck at home on Halloween night, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the frights.


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