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Easy Decor Tips to “Grow” a Small Room

 February 14, 2022 |  DIY, Home Decor |  floors, walls, windows, ceiling, living room, lighting, painting, organization

Decorating your home can sometimes require a bit of a magic touch. For those smaller spaces, you may need a bit more magic than normal. Here are some tricks to make that otherwise cramped part of your home grow big!

Go with one color scheme.
Picking the right paint combination for your room makes all the difference. When deciding, try to avoid using multiple colors of varying shades. Instead, just stick with two colors of stark contrast like white and a dark blue. The difference in hues will create better depth and give the illusion that the room has more space. Also try to avoid using different patterns and wallpapers, as they have the opposite effect and make it seem smaller.

Limit the amount of clutter.
The key to making a room seem like it has a lot of space is to actually keep the floor open. Having multiple pieces of large furniture or even a lot of smaller pieces quickly clutters things up. Try to keep your design simple and only use one or two larger items and a handful of smaller accent pieces. You’ll also need to get creative with your storage space. Using built-in hidden cabinets and drawers will give you that extra storage and keep from cluttering your room.

Utilize your wall space.
While you don’t want to go overboard with decorating your walls, some well-placed items can help. Mirrors are another way to create that depth illusion and can bring in more natural light to the room. A few art pieces will also move the walls further back and open things up. Again, it’s important to not go overboard and hang so much that you take up all the wall space you have.

Push things higher.
Extra headroom can really make a space seem bigger than it is. Low-hanging light fixtures and ceiling fans bring your ceiling down and may make it a nuisance to navigate for taller guests. Look into recessed lighting to eliminate bulky fixtures, but still keep enough light to highlight the room. Or, simply use one eye-catching fixture in the center to tie it all together.

Let your windows shine through.
Natural light is perhaps the best “trick” you can use to make a room bigger. Use it to your advantage by keeping your windows open and unobstructed. When you want to block out the sun a bit, opt for drapes that are floor-length. They’ll help frame your window and look great. A subtle design and color shade will draw attention to them and give the space some more personality.

Go for smaller electronics.
As you finish your decorating, you may notice that you won’t be able to fit everything you want. That big flat screen may be fun to watch, but it’ll eat up a lot of your available wall space. Going for a smaller model will let you see the big game while also not cramping things. Consider mounting it on the wall to eliminate the need for an entertainment center. Once you’ve got it up, your magic act is complete!


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