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Choosing the Right Home Inspector

 August 2, 2021 |  Home Inspection, Safety |  moving, first time homeowner, new homeowner, real estate

Being a homeowner is a major accomplishment! Everyone dreams of getting their own place, and landing your first home is a great feeling. It’s also a big investment to both buy and maintain it. One way you can protect yourself is by having a home inspection performed at the time of the transaction. With different choices for inspection companies, how do you choose the best one?

Where to Look
When you Google home inspectors in your area, you’re likely to be returned dozens of results. Narrowing down your choices will take a little digging and diligence, but you should get a clear idea of what to expect from each company by perusing websites and reviews. You can also look for a company through inspector databases at the local or national level.

Check Their Licenses
Along with being part of a verified inspector database, look at what other licensing the inspector has. Are they part of accredited associations like ASHI or InterNACHI? What about certifications for extra services like drones or radon? Even just ensuring they’re licensed properly with the state (if required) will show that the inspector is following all necessary regulations. You’ll know that they’re being held to certain standards and that you’ll get a quality inspection. You should also check that they’re insured and bonded so you won’t have to worry about legal issues if the inspector is injured on your property.

Warranties Offered
Warranties are another layer of protection for you as a homebuyer. Paired with licenses, warranties let you know that your inspector will be there should you have an issue. Different inspectors offer different warranties, so you want to look at what each one does and doesn’t cover. How long do you have to file a claim? What costs are included? Are there any special steps to follow to keep your claim from being denied? Knowing that you and your house will be taken care of will help quiet some of the worries you may have about the inspector you go with.

Read Their Reviews
Reviews are a great resource for letting you know how a business operates. They give the full picture about common complaints as well as what an inspector does particularly well. Plus, you can see how inspectors handle their customers. If they respond relatively quickly to all reviews, you can be sure that they’ll handle you in a timely manner. But it's best to avoid unresponsive or even argumentative inspectors. Collect a handful of positive and negative reviews before deciding on who to go with.

Additional Services
An inspector that goes above and beyond a standard inspection is like finding gold. Some inspectors may offer services like a radon inspection, drone aerial photography, or a sewer scope for an additional fee with your inspection. It’s worth it to know everything you can about your future home.

What NPI Offers
When you choose an inspection with National Property Inspections, you choose professionals that have over 30 years of industry knowledge. Find your inspector today!

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