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A New Leaf: Pros and Cons of Moving During Autumn

 August 16, 2021 |  Just for Fun, Safety |  moving, first-time homeowner, new homeowner, home seller, real estate, moving, kids

Moving can be an exciting, albeit, stressful time during any season. Fall, especially, has its own set of challenges, the main one being weather. But there are upsides to selling at the end of the year as well. So is it worth it to move during the changing season, or should you wait it out?

Pro: Fall typically has nicer temperatures.
Autumn temperatures tend not to drastically swing too much, which is nice when you’re trying to plan out a moving day. Unlike spring or early summer, you won’t have to worry about getting caught in a surprise rainstorm. The cooler temperatures also mean you probably won’t be sweating or risk getting overheated as you sort boxes and lug totes up the stairs.

Con: Northern falls can get chilly.
While it’ll feel good to have lower temps, you might have to be wary of that fluffy white stuff interfering. Northern climates in particular are prone to early snows that could impact your travel plans. Ice and snow make roads dangerous to drive on for long distances. If you’re not heading out until late October or November, you may need to keep a close eye on the forecast.

Pro: You might be able to find help easier.
Summer tends to be the height of the home-buying and selling season, but tapers off near the end of the year. Because of this, moving companies usually have lower rates and more help available in autumn. You won’t have to scramble to find movers at the last minute, and you’ll be able to save some cash in the end.

Con: You might not get as high of a price point.
With a cooler market comes a drop in selling prices. This is good if you’re on the buying end, but not so much if you’re trying to sell your home. You could find yourself waiting around to find a buyer or you may need to adjust your selling price to match the market.

Pro: There’s still time to meet your new neighbors!
If you’re uprooting yourself and moving miles away, you might feel as though you’re starting your social status at zero. But the good news is that there’s still time to meet your neighbors before the winter freeze! A campfire, weekend cookout, or lawn party are great ways to introduce yourself and meet new people.

Con: You’ll have to work around the holidays.
The time of October through December is full of holiday celebrations. You could find yourself having to work around these days, and it could change your neighborhood party plans. Even the days leading up can be hectic, and moving companies may alter their hours.

Moving in Fall: The Verdict
Overall, moving into a new home during autumn can be a great opportunity. Selling costs are low, travel is easier, and you still have plenty of time to get settled before winter sets in. It should be noted, however, that it’s not entirely perfect. A surprise cold snap could alter your travel plans, your current house might drop in price, and if you have school-aged kids, moving during the year is a tough adjustment. When you decide it’s time to move, be sure to schedule a professional home inspection! The inspectors at NPI have the knowledge and tools to give you a quality inspection. Find your local inspector here.

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