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6 Great Gifts For First-Time Homeowners

 November 28, 2022 |  Home Decor, Holiday |  winter, first-time homeowner, new homeowner

Now that Thanksgiving is firmly in the rearview mirror, season’s greetings! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! It’s the season of giving, and for your family or friends that have gifted themselves their first homes, now is the perfect time to get them something to help them in their home-owning journey. Becoming a rookie homeowner can be difficult, so congratulate your loved ones with one of these essential housewarming gifts (that they will absolutely thank you for).

Tool “Starter” Kit
Just because someone is a first-time homeowner, does not necessarily mean they aren’t “handy.” However, until someone is forced to buy a tool set for regular repairs and maintenance, they usually won’t. Rather than continuing to rely on a friend or family member to borrow tools as the need arises, any new homeowner in your life will greatly appreciate a basic tool starter kit or drill set of their own. In comparison to living in an apartment, home ownership naturally leads to much more personal responsibility to make repairs. While other gifts might be more flashy, nothing will be more appreciated in the long run than a simple tool set.

Yard Gear
While we are on the subject of basic tools and maintenance, a first-time homeowner who doesn’t have indoor tools yet, they are even less likely to have the necessary supplies for yard work. Anything from basic supplies like shovels, to larger investments like lawn mowers, yard gear is an extensive category that often can be neglected when it comes to housewarming gifts. Again, these basic tools will be greatly appreciated in the long run, so don’t overlook something like a high quality rake for a housewarming gift. As a last note for tools, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things general with something like a Home Depot gift card. Resorting to gift cards can feel like giving up, but along with homeownership, home improvement projects are never far behind.

Organizers (Tools, Lids, Under-the-Sink Bins, and More)
With more space, first-time homeowners will quickly accumulate things. As those things start to pile up, pretty soon those things are buried under other things until nothing is accessible and storage becomes an intimidating mess. Organization is a constant fight, but you can help them win their battle before things get out of hand. Sorting containers for under the sink, organizers for small tool items like screws and nails, and holders for food container lids save a surprising amount of rummaging time and will surely cut down on unneeded frustration.

Lightbulbs and Air Filters
One eye-opening realization in store for any first-time homeowner is the amount of regular maintenance that comes with keeping a house in its best condition. With this in mind, things like extra light bulbs are constantly overlooked by new homeowners. In addition, HVAC companies generally recommend changing air filters every 90 days. By gifting these simple replacement items, these gifts will help your greenhorn homeowners get stocked up on supplies they will definitely use in the future.

Home Maintenance Guide
Speaking of home maintenance, keeping to a regular maintenance routine will help home systems run better and for longer. Adding some type of home maintenance schedule to a housewarming gift can go a long way towards keeping your first-timers organized and informed with seasonal checklists. Check out our Home Maintenance Guide PDF to start your own regular home maintenance routine, and feel free to add it to any housewarming gift!

Thumbtack Subscription
Lastly, while new homeowners may be excited to jump into their own DIY home improvement projects right away, some projects are likely to be out of their comfort zone. Thumbtack is an excellent company that offers an expansive catalog of professionally-vetted home improvement specialists equipped to aid in any ambitious undertaking. Gift a subscription to their service here to give your first-time homeowner friends confidence on any upcoming home improvement endeavors.

What are your signature housewarming gifts for first-time homeowners? Did we miss any essentials? Please let us know!

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