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5 Traits That Make The Perfect Home Office

 March 27, 2023 |  Home Decor, Cleaning Tips, DIY |  office, lighting, painting, organization

A major benefit from the recent changes to the modern workplace has been the newfound flexibility in where people can do their work. Whether that means spending time at the office or remoting in from a coffee shop across the country, learning how to maximize productivity while capitalizing on opportunities this freedom affords has been an ongoing process for employers and workers alike.

Home offices are coming back into style in a big way, as remote or hybrid workers have searched for ways to increase their at-home productivity. If you are looking to adapt a room in your home to improve your remote working conditions or you’re interested in a revamp of your current workspace, here are a few traits that will make your home office first-class!

1. Select the Right Space
The first and most important aspect you must consider when setting up your home office is the location. Homes are full of distractions, especially if there are kids running around. Ideally, locate an area that is separated from the majority of natural traffic and noise so that you have the opportunity to focus on your work. Additionally, do what you can to separate yourself from home leisure items as much as possible. Television, instruments, or speakers have the potential to divert your focus and drain away productive hours.

Attics and basements tend to create an element of mental separation that lends well towards “resetting” minds from at-home relaxation-mode into work-mode. Considering the mounting evidence of the positive impact people receive from natural lighting (as expert office designers at New Day Office report), make rooms with windows a priority. If the option is available, a roomy attic space with a view is ideal!

2. Find the Right Furniture
With your location sorted, the next most vital aspect of your home office is your furniture, namely your chair. There are many great DIY options that homeowners can look at for saving money during room makeovers. However, considering the amount of time spent in it, your office chair is one accessory worth a little extra investment.

After selecting a nice, ergonomic seat, you have the freedom to get creative with your office depending on the amount of space you’re working with. Couches and extra seating can be beneficial if you anticipate occasional in-person meetings, and lounging spaces may come into use when stumped on a particular subject.

3. Make Technology Your Friend
These days, conducting business in a professional and timely manner is impossible without a reliable computer and a stable internet connection. If working at home is a new prospect, you may need to take stock of your current internet speeds and potentially upgrade to a higher speed plan with your provider. Directly plug your desktop into your router to keep costly disconnects during meetings and calls to a minimum.

For offices that lack direct access to sunlight, consider how you will keep your space well lit. Softer lights are best for sensitive eyes and should look the most natural through a computer camera. With your technical accessories set up, take the time to properly arrange your cords. Unsightly tangles can be a distraction, either directly or subconsciously.

4. Decorate to Match Your Goals
Finally, it’s time to make your home office truly your own! When decorating your workspace, take the time to think through your goals. While concentration is important for a productive space, certain jobs also benefit from creatively inspiring surroundings.

If you are looking for an office space that eliminates all distractions and allows you to maximize your focus, paint your walls neutral colors and apply a minimalist philosophy to your decorations. Alternatively, if maximizing endurance and sustaining through long hours is a concern, prioritize comforting soft color palettes on your walls and add pictures of friends, family, or pets.

Remember to take advantage of vertical spaces through shelving units if space is at a premium as well! Plants (even fake ones) can have a positive psychological impact throughout the workday, and even small points of greenery can have a surprising impact on your room as a whole.

5. Keep Your Space Organized
Perfect home offices don’t stay perfect without the appropriate effort and careful planning. To keep your home office clean and organized, make sure that every regularly used item has a dedicated space where you retrieve and replace it. Workplaces can become cluttered very easily and a chaotic atmosphere will build unnecessary stress. A regular routine of cleanliness and organization should always be a priority.

For your keyboards, keep a compressed air can on hand so that dust and debris doesn’t pile up between the keys. Also when selecting a trash can, be sure to pick one with a cover. Remember, clutter and garbage can be another unwanted distraction! Garbage can covers will help take these things out of mind.

Home offices are a great place for homeowners to express their creativity! By understanding your own needs and tendencies, your home office can become a productive space that even surpasses what can be accomplished in a traditional work setting.

Small home maintenance issues can grow into shocking distractions! To cut down on these unwanted expenses, contact National Property Inspections and schedule your annual home maintenance inspection!

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