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5 Easy Ways to Save on Your AC Bill

 May 3, 2021 |  Cleaning Tips, Home Maintenance, Safety |  summer, HVAC, electrical, ventilation

Everyone looks forward to the warm weather that the summer season brings--until it turns their house into a sauna. With above-average temperatures projected for this year, you might find yourself staying inside more and cranking up the air in an effort to beat the heat. However, running your AC on high all summer puts a strain on your cooling system and your bank account. Here are our tips on how you can still keep cool, extend your HVAC’s life, and lower your bills all at once!

1. Open Things Up
It seems counterproductive to open your house during a heat wave, but doing so during certain periods of the day can actually help cool it off. The early morning or late night hours tend to be cooler than the middle of the day and you can use it to your advantage. A nice, refreshing breeze through your home simulates your air conditioner and blows out all that stuffy air that comes from keeping your house sealed up. Check out the weather forecast to determine the best time to crack your windows. Setting up a few box fans by your windows can really get air moving.

2. Block Out Direct Rays
Your home’s layout determines how much sunlight and heat come in through your windows. You’ve probably noticed how different rooms will be sunnier and warmer than others throughout the course of the day. A simple fix for this is to adjust your shades to block out those harsh rays, the trade-off being, of course, that you lose natural light and can’t see outside. If you don’t want to completely close off your house, window screens allow you to adjust the amount of sun entering your home. Tinted windows are another great option, but can be more expensive and could require a large renovation. Either is a good alternative to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without fully blocking the outside.

3. Flip Your Fans
This is an often overlooked simple trick that can make a big impact. Most ceiling fans have a small switch on the base that allows you to change the blade’s rotation. During summertime, you should have your fans turning counterclockwise to push the air down and properly circulate the room. Once you’ve correctly switched your fan, you may find that you don’t need to have them spinning out of control to make a difference. Plus, you can use ceiling fans on cooler days to give your air conditioner a break instead of constantly running them together.

4. Properly Seal Your Home
Just like during the winter, air can escape or enter your house through cracks or improper seals along the doors, windows, and foundation. This means that your air conditioner will be fighting a losing battle to cool your house down. Although you can’t see the hot air itself, you can locate the spots where it’s most likely getting in. Look for gaps in your foundation, worn door and window seals, and missing insulation in your basement or attic. To find out where exactly you’re losing cold air, an infrared inspection points out the problem areas to allow you or a trained professional to take care of them.

5. Inspect and Update Your System
To ensure that your system is running efficiently, you need to have it inspected and cleaned out at least once a year. Getting your cooling system looked at by a professional inspector will help you stay ahead of any safety issues. If the inspector does find that your system needs repairing, you shouldn’t waste any time. Letting an old system run at a high level could cause it to fry, leaving you to sweat it out until it can be fixed.

Have NPI Inspect It!
Your HVAC system is one of several major components in your home that needs to be in top operating condition. Schedule an inspection with your local NPI professional today to stay safe and keep your systems running smoothly!

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