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5 Costly Reasons You Should Never Skip a Home Inspection

 March 29, 2021 |  Home Inspection, Safety, Home Maintenance |  first-time homeowner, new homeowner, real estate, moving

Today’s housing market is more competitive than the majority of buyers and real estate professionals have experienced in their lifetime. Purchasing in a hot seller’s market, facing a low-inventory challenge, and competing with upwards of 30 offers can make it feel like anything goes when it comes to landing your dream home. You may even be tempted to skip a home inspection in order to speed the process along and make a “clean” offer the seller can’t refuse. But despite current market trends, a home inspection is still a crucial step in the buying process. Here’s why you absolutely need a home inspection:

1. Your Family’s Safety is at Stake
Your home inspector assesses thousands of different components of a house to identify issues ranging from small to serious. That means they’ll look for loose doorknobs and malfunctioning garbage disposals. But they’ll also check for potentially serious problems, like the presence of carbon monoxide leaking from the furnace, radon, mold, and fire hazards. Opting out of an inspection could put your family’s safety in jeopardy.

2. You'll Want an "Out" in Your Contract
Your home may just be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. Making an offer contingent on a home inspection gives you an “out” in case unforeseen maintenance, repairs, or safety issues make the home a less-than-viable option for you. It’s better to insist on a home inspection than take the chance of ending up with a home you can’t afford to maintain and repair.

3. An Inspection Report is a Valuable Negotiating Tool
The process of buying a house may be unconventional at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you need to forego negotiations. With the inspection report in hand, you could have the opportunity to present the seller with a list of requested repairs or deductions. Your REALTOR® can help you choose items that will help net you the best deal. 

Note: If a health or safety issue is detected, sellers will be more open to negotiation since they’ll be obligated to disclose those findings to the next buyer if you back out.

4. You'll Learn How to Budget for Needed Repairs
You can afford the mortgage, but what about the upkeep or your renovation wish list? There’s no better time to examine the big financial picture or get a sense of what it’ll truly be like to own the home. Think of the report as a roadmap that will help you be a successful homeowner for years to come, not only in terms of protecting your investment, but also in terms of budgeting for the lifestyle you want. You shouldn’t have to choose between a new roof and a family vacation!

5. You May Not Qualify for Homeowner's Insurance
As a rule, home insurance companies don’t want to take on unnecessary liability. In fact, most home insurance companies require proof that a house is in reasonably good condition before they agree to provide coverage. If certain issues are found, a company can elect not to provide a homeowner with coverage. Needless to say, it’s essential to know this information before you agree to purchase the home.


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