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10 Items to Add to Your Home Toolbox

 March 21, 2022 |  Home Maintenance, DIY |  electrical, new homeowner, plumbing

If you’ve been a homeowner for some time, chances are you already have a well-put-together toolkit. In fact, you may have already used it a few times on your own renovations and repairs. If you’re wanting to expand your tool stockpile, here are 10 items that will make any future projects a breeze.

Headlamp or Magnetic Tool Light
Trying to juggle a flashlight and your tools is a hassle and can even be dangerous. With a headlamp, you don’t have to worry about fumbling for the right tool while you’re working. You just slide it on and voila! You’re free to move about and illuminate your workspace. You can also get a magnetic tool light. These tend to be a bit brighter than a headlamp, so they’re really useful in the darkest parts of your home.

Telescoping Mirror
Can’t quite see around or underneath what you’re fixing? A telescoping mirror will give you the angle you need. You’ll be able to see if there are any nails or wires before sticking your hand in. Mirrors like this are usually cheap, so they’re definitely a great investment.

As you add to your toolkit, things may become a bit cluttered. Searching for the piece you need can be a nuisance and add time to your project. If you find yourself constantly losing materials, consider purchasing some tool organizers. These nifty little plastic cases make it a snap to corral your loose nails, drill bits, and other materials.

Hook and Pick Set
For when you need careful precision, a hook and pick set is your best friend. They can help you remove small fuses and o rings and anything else that your fingers just can’t get ahold of. They’re also good for measuring depths of nail or screw holes.

Utility Knife
You’re sure to get a lot of mileage out of this tool. A sharp utility knife makes cutting things a breeze, from packaging tape to wooden shims. You can get one of these for as little as five dollars from your local hardware store.

Laser Level
A level is a necessity to make sure that the painting you’re hanging or shelf you’re installing isn’t uneven. Bubble levels are typically inexpensive and super easy to use. But if you’ve mastered that and want to really upgrade, a laser level is something to consider. Laser levels can be a bit pricier, but worth the investment if you’re a professional DIYer.

Socket Set
Need to loosen a tight bolt? Don’t strain yourself trying to use pliers or a wrench. For just a few dollars on Amazon, you can get a decent socket set that’ll get those stuck bolts and nuts moving.

Knee Pads
A different sort of tool, knee pads will save you from back and leg pain. Kneeling down for even short periods of time takes a toll on your joints. A pair of durable knee pads will prevent serious joint damage and protect you from kneeling on a nail.

Wire Cutters
For electrical projects big or small, a pair of wire cutters is essential. You can cut through copper, brass, and even steel if needed. A pair with insulated grips will make them feel more comfortable in your hand and protect you from shocks.

Working all day long can get a bit dull. To break up the chorus of hammers and power tools, break out a portable radio! A model with aux or bluetooth capability will let you play your favorite tunes while on the job. Many big-name tool companies make portable radios, and it’s good to get a durable one so it won’t break if it’s dropped.


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