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Commercial Emergency Preparedness - 3/5/2012
Taking some time today to prepare for an emergency saves times and property later.

It’s impossible to plan for or predict every possibility of water damage from wind, rain, ice or snow. To minimize damage to a commercial building in the event of a roof leak, soaked carpets or basement flooding, make sure staff are prepared to address such situations as quickly and efficiently as possible using the following tips:

  • Schedule regular updates and training on the emergency preparedness plan.
  • Clearly mark the location of all shut off valves to water supply lines.
  • Make responsible staff aware of the location of any tools or instructions necessary to safely shut down major building systems.
  • Plan for a safe shut down of electric and gas supply lines where applicable.
  • Clearly post emergency telephone numbers for fire, police, emergency personnel and systems specialists, including a plumber and HVAC repair company.

Practicing a little preparedness can help reduce structural damage, decrease the number of hours business is interrupted and keep the cost of repair down.

Information for this report was based on brochures from the Institute for Business and Home Safety


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