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August 2018: Ready Your Home pt.2
Snapshots From The Field

Our inspectors are always coming across interesting finds in the field. Here’s one that serves as an important reminder about what it means to create a safer environment in a home with children.

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s pretty easy to spot the missing plate cover on this electrical outlet. But what’s most concerning is the contradictory presence of plug protectors. We would hate to think that this homeowner thought they had child- or pet-proofed the outlet, when really, the safety concerns are just the same, if not greater, thanks to the missing plate cover. If a child were to stick anything metal into the open areas around the plugs, they could risk getting a nasty shock. And because the openings are much larger than the openings in the plug itself, there’s more room (and maybe even more temptation) to poke around.

To be safe, it’s important to replace plate covers as soon as possible since covers and plug protectors used in conjunction are what create a more childproof space. When replacing the plate cover, be cautious of touching the two screws that are recessed in the wall on either side of the outlet with your screwdriver.

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