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August 2014: Attics and Roofs
Ask The Inspector

Ask The Inspector

Attic Inspections

Q. What does an inspector check in the attic of a home?

A. Attics are an important part of the home inspection and the roof inspection. When an inspector ventures into an attic, he/she looks at the following:

  • Amount of insulation and type of insulation
  • Amount of ventilation and describe the type: static, turbine, power ventilator, gable, soffit
  • Electrical wiring
  • Obvious signs of a possible leaking roof
  • Type of framing — whether it is traditionally framed or trusses
  • Type of sheathing — whether it is plywood or oriented strand board (OSB)
  • The attic opening — whether it is of adequate size

For more information about inspecting your attic, contact your local NPI inspector.

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