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January 2017: Home Heating Inspections
Snapshots From The Field

What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Snapshots From The Field
  1. It is the wrong finish
  2. It is installed backwards
  3. It is blocking the window from opening

Correct Answer C.The faucet was installed without making note of the direction that the window opens. The window can now not open because the faucet blocks it from doing so.

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Room Redesigns

If you are looking to redesign a room, a professional designer can help you create a new space, but it may be costly. At $50 to $250 an hour in most major metropolitan areas, these services can be cost prohibitive. That’s why taking on this challenge by yourself can mean great savings.

Noteworthy News

Here are a few tips to take on a re-design by yourself:

  • Group In Threes or Fives – A common rule of thumb is that odd numbered rows of decorative items are more visually interesting.
  • Vary Heights of Items – An eclectic mix of heights for decorative elements really varies a wall’s look. Tall, medium and short pictures will be more visually appealing than consistent rows.
  • Rotate What You Display – Things can get a little boring when you look at the same space day in day out. That’s why switching out pictures, stacks of books or other design elements really freshens up a space.

These are just a few suggestions to quickly spruce up a room. From new paint to re-imagined flooring, there’s a whole lot you can do to mix things up in any space. Take a look at the room you want to redesign and see what you have on hand. You may be surprised at what you can do with small changes.

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