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September 2017: Appliance Inspections
Snapshots From The Field

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Snapshots From The Field
  1. The drain stopper pivot rod is installed backward.
  2. Flex piping is used on drain pipes to make them easier to install.
  3. Accordion-style PVC drain pipes are not recommended.
  4. A and C.

Correct Answer D.The drain stopper pivot arm is installed backward, so the sink will not drain properly. In addition, although it makes installation easier, accordion-style PVC is not recommended for drain pipes, as it tends to clog faster and require more maintenance.

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Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

Some of the most impactful home improvements are simple and easy to implement. This is why making a few upgrades creates opportunities when you’re selling a home. A little elbow grease and some bright colors can improve the look of the exterior of a house and improve the likelihood of a quick sale.

Noteworthy News

To show off a home, clean up and clean out. Make sure the lawn is mowed and edged, and overgrowth has been cleared. Sweeping the porch and walkway can make a big difference too. Also, touching up any faded or chipped paint is important, especially for the front of the house and garage.

Potted plants can make an impact with bright and vibrant foliage on a front porch or deck. Toward late summer and early fall, many of the potted plants drop drastically in price, making it inexpensive to add new color. Many hardy plants, including mums, will last well into fall with appropriate care.

If you’re putting your house on the market, or simply sprucing it up, you can make it look like new for little cost. Look into simple home improvement projects to make your home standout in your neighborhood.

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